Holiday entertaining requires a lot of preparation including scrubbing your home until it gleams. This huge job usually falls on one person who completely freaks out at the thought of anyone messing the house up again.

In one Ohio household a couple of years ago, mom Michele Keylor was internet goddess of the day when she made a plan of action that stopped every member of her family in their tracks.

Keylor spent the days before Thanksgiving deep cleaning her living room in preparation for guests. She wasn’t going to take any chances that anyone would waltz in and put their filthy feet up and leave dirty dishes around.

She closed the living room…to her whole family. Her son Nick Denbow tweeted about his mom’s brilliant move.


Her note was epic.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Nick told Buzzfeed News his mom put the sign up because of the messes he and his brother would repeatedly leave in the room.

Even though his mom said he and his brother could come in freshly showered and wearing fresh clothes, they dared not entering.

Twitter, of course, loved it. Nick’s post was liked over 34,000 times and thousands left their reactions.

Many moms thought closing a living room was perfectly understandable.


Nick kind of thought his mom was joking around with her boys, but he didn’t take any chances. “She just wants us to keep it clean and decided that putting a sign and tape up would make that clear.”

Teen boys of the world, take your mom’s holiday cleaning seriously…very seriously.