Bless this mother. She knows the struggle of trying to feed young kids and all the fights and temper tantrums that go along with that monumental task.

Of course, we all learn about that important food pyramid and food groups from a young age, and how important it is to try to stick to those guidelines so we can have a healthy body and mind. But it doesn’t always work out that way, does it?

Mother of three Kendra Broekhuis knows this is 100% accurate and she decided to build her own, updated food pyramid for today’s day and age.

Broekhuis said:

“I updated the Food Pyramid to be a more accurate depiction of what my children are willing to eat.


It looks like we have all the basic food groups covered: Ranch, ketchup, and chicken fingers, to name a few.

Broekhuis said,

“This photo is a parody in the sense that at times they are willing to try new things, yet they naturally gravitate toward their favorites.

I am not a Betty Crocker level chef, so even though I try to mix up our meal plan, I know our kids would also be happy if we just rotated between chicken tenders, pasta, pizza, and tacos.”

Her post was a huge hit online, obviously.

Pretty hilarious, if I do say so myself.

Okay, now we want your feedback.

Do your kids eat well or are they only interested in eating all the junk food out there?

How do you manage?

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