Some kids just don’t want to grow out of their princess phase, I guess…

But who thought it would lead to conflict within a family?

Hey, people are weird! But I’m sure you already know that…

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AITA for refusing to eliminate Princess stuff from my daughter’s life

“I’ll probably get judged for all this but I’m pregnant with a guy I’m not dating. He’s nice and wants to be there for the kid so we are on friendly terms. So far, we’ve had no issues until I met his parents.

I met them on Saturday, everything was going great until baby shower talk came up. I was talking about the theme and his mom said “Son, did you tell her about the Princess thing?”

He didn’t. Apparently his brother has a daughter from another relationship named Princess that he’s not allowed to see. It’s a sore subject for him and he lives with the grandparents so he’s around often. They have requested that we don’t do any themed events, buy any clothes, decorations, etc with the word “Princess” on them. It’s just “too hard” for the brother.

I may be the a**hole here because I don’t even have strong urges towards Princess stuff. Much prefer soup colored baby rompers. That said, I’m incredibly annoyed at this request and told them absolutely not—if I see something cute that says Princess or my kid wants Princess stuff, I will buy it. This upset his parents and started saying “really? You’d rather cause someone pain than put down a d**n Princess shirt?”

I’m not trying to cause pain but expecting me to restrict Princess from all things sounds completely unreasonable to me. I’m not particularly girly but even I went through a Princess phase and l love the children’s books “Fancy Nancy” so I’m sure I’m bound to stumble on some Princess stuff.

This is why the brother can’t see the kid: He gave up his rights so the kids step dad could adopt her and he’d be relieved of child support payments. They promised he’d still get to see the kid. After all was said and done they stopped letting him see her.

My baby’s dad believes he could see her if his brother put in effort but he doesn’t and just sulks about it instead.”

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This reader argued that there is a middle ground that can be worked out here.

Let’s hope so…

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Another person said that something with the family just seems a little strange and maybe the family shouldn’t be trusted.

Just a thought…

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This Reddit user stated the obvious (at least in my opinion): everyone now has to avoid princess stuff because of this?

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And finally, this reader thinks that this really doesn’t even need to an issue if they’re not going to be seeing each all that much anyway.

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