Parents with more than one kid, we see you, we feel your pain, and we want to provide you with some comic relief.

You’ve been putting up with a helluva lot this year and we believe that is our duty to give you a break and make you laugh.

Let me paint a picture for you and you tell me if this sounds familiar: your house has become a war zone, with the kids fighting, which leads to you fighting with your partner, which leads to the entire household becoming a bubbling cauldron that is just waiting to explode!

Does that describe your household?

That’s what I thought!

So take a break from the madness and laugh at some funny tweets!

Let’s go!

1. Isn’t that adorable?

They really love each other!

2. It’s just not the same.

Parents, does this look familiar?


3. Don’t act like you’re shocked.

We know about the old days…

4. That’s a good plan.

But it could backfire…

5. Kids and dieting.

Some of the lessons are interchangeable.

6. Have you read the manual?

It’s all in there!

7. Sometimes, you have to pretend.

But you’re really impressed.

8. Oh, it’s on.

Who will get there first?!?!

9. Not really the same…

But keep telling yourself that…

10. Not looking good.

These kids are pretty smart…

11. A good tip.

Pay attention to this one!

12. Sick burn!

Feel free to use it.

13. This sums it up.

You fight just BECAUSE, okay?

Okay, now we want to hear from all the readers out there who have kids!

How are you holding up? Are you about to lose your marbles during these crazy times?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know what’s up!