We always hear about “crazy mother-in-law” stories, but now the tables are about to be turned, people!

Because it’s time for the mothers-in-law out there to let loose on the daughters-in-law of the world and tell us how those younger women can also be nuts sometimes.

This should be fun!

Let’s dig into some crazy stories about daughters-in-law from mothers-in-law from AskReddit users.

1. Wish they’d never met.

“We lived on the other side of the country from them so we didn’t have many visits — one or two a year. When we visited, all was well — the house was clean, the kids were cared for, etc. She was fun to be around.

However, once we left, life went back to “normal” for my son and grandkids. She would say she was going to the store and would not come home for 2 to 4 days. She did drugs. She did not clean — anything.

My son traveled for business and when he was gone she had many different men in the house. He would come home to a trashed house, trashed car, trashed everything. She would put the kids to bed, then leave to party. She kept the two oldest kids home from school when he traveled — she was too busy sleeping from partying all night to take them to school.

As he was making plans to leave her and take the kids, she killed the youngest child and is now in jail awaiting trial. all of this came out after she died. I wish they had never met.”

2. Hateful.

“When I first met her, she was a tweaker.

She knew I knew and she hated me. Now she stays home and knits and crafts and I have not seen my grandson in 3 years.

She still hates me.”

3. Walking out.

“My DEL decided, after years of manipulating my son, to walk out on him and their two kids.

A few hours later she changes her mind and bombards him with all kinds of cr*p for a week. And then she gains access to the house when he’s out and changes the locks causing him and their two young kids to be homeless.

She sucks!”

4. A tight leash.

“The stories I’ve heard of my aunt’s DIL are the worst. She’s kept my cousin on a tight leash after marriage.

Banned my aunt from communicating with him from any social media acct. It’s so bad whenever my cousin happens to see my aunt he acts like he doesn’t know her.

All this due to the DIL. Just hurts to see my aunt not see her own grandkids.”

5. I’ll take it from here.

“I will respond for my mother.

She hates the fact that her daughter in law does not respond to phone calls or texts. She understands that she is a new mom but how long does it take to reply to a text message.

I also want to add that she’s turned the holidays from a casual wear you PJs & bust out your paper plates into a sit down event with formal place settings. I don’t enjoy getting together to eat with my family during Thanksgiving and Christmas anymore.

This year I was at least smart enough to bring salt packets.”

6. Sounds like a real treat.

“My sons GF practically lives with us. After she graduates from college they will get married.

Things I HATE: I text him; she responds like she’s him.

We are doing major renovations on the house. She didn’t help AT ALL. I understand if renovation is not your thing. But I was running in and out of the house switching laundry and cleaning up little messes.

She didn’t even offer to help.”

7. Scary lady.

“Happened to a friend. Her brother married this girl who was his college friend.

Very happy, have a baby girl… Suddenly her father passed away so her mother went to stay with son and DIL. At first she was ok. But after like a month, DIL started to lock the fridge ( in india fridges come with internal locks) and pantry doors.

She started cutting down MIL’s food. When my friend came to know about this, we went to her brothers place, packed her mom’s stuff and brought her back to my friends house.

Scary lady that DIL. Brother didn’t say sh*t to his wife.”

8. A real catch.

“I’m gonna speak for my aunt: my cousin is a party guy. He married a party girl.

I met her the day of my grandfather’s funeral. She was dressed like Betty Boop; too much makeup and balloon-sized fake t*ts in a sheer, black tube dress stretched too far for the imagination. She was sitting at my grandparents’ table as I walked bleary-eyed into the kitchen for a bowl of cereal; half-awake, I barely stopped myself from exclaiming “what the f*ck!?”

After the funeral, we held a sort of Irish wake at my uncle’s house, whereupon she tried to hook up with every male cousin, one-by-one asking them to do shots with her. I avoided her, so I was last. She got to me when I was having a beer in the driveway with two other cousins. One she’d already tried. She went to my more attractive cousin-in-law first.

He shot her down with “The Mother. Of. My. Newborn. Child. Is. Inside.” (I like him) I’m less assertive, so I tried the “if you ignore bullies, they’ll get bored and leave you alone.” She tried grinding up and down my front. I ignored her and hoped she would leave me alone. She moved around to try slithering up and down my back. I pretended she wasn’t there. She slithered down my back one last time, and then-She bit my *ss.

I hopped across the driveway doing the Goofy yell. I honestly don’t remember what happened after that. Somehow she left. I had a dental impression in purple bruise on my *ss cheek the next morning. Let me remind you, this was my grandfather’s funeral.

I’m told that the morning of their wedding, my aunt offered to pay for 100% of the wedding if he wanted to back out.”

9. Let’s mix it up a little bit.

“How about a crazy daughter, son-in-law story?

So I have one daughter who at 20 “came out” to me. As gay? No. As a polygamist. A pregnant one. Pregnant by a 40 year old dude with a wife and three grown kids. I was 44 at the time. Long story short, the original wife got sick of all the crazy and left.

Now my daughter and the son in law are monogamous with five kids and I have a son-in-law who is 4 years younger than me.”

10. On behalf of my mother.

“I’m writing on behalf of my mother.

My SIL is a lazy, obnoxious cow. She hasn’t worked in 10 years, while my brother works 60 hrs a week minimum. Even though she gets an allowance for being a stay at home mum, that goes to cigarettes and until recently a sh*tload of pot. My brother went years without a birthday/Christmas/fathers day card or gift from her. (Like… not even a card?!?!)

So my mum used to come down for weeks at a time whenever my SIL was ‘unwell’ (read: withdrawing). Last year, my mum bought my brother a big, expensive, kick *ss birthday present. He’s worth it, we always try n show him what he’s worth. Well, Mrs SIL chucked a wobbly. “You need to stop buying him sh*t, or you n me will be having words OUT THE FRONT!!”

Mum looked dead at her, “you wanna beat me up because I treat your husband better than you?!” That’s just one story.”

11. Almost there.

“Not a DIL yet (my stepsons girlfriend and mother of my 2 grand babies) but I’m 19 years younger than my husband but 12 years older than my stepson.

She thinks I want to sleep with my stepson ( never gave her any reason to think this, I do not want to). She keeps the babies from us, rarely we get to see them unless of course she has a circumstance that were her only option for a babysitter. We’ve tried very hard to have a good relationship but she just hates me.

I once even stopped by their house to visit, she was cordial but my stepson got an earful when he got home from work. Just sad all around- she doesn’t want us in their lives.”

Okay, all the ladies out there, it’s your time to shine!

Do you have any crazy stories about your mother-in-law or your daughter-in-law?

If so, tell us all about it in the comments. Thanks!