The past can teach us a lot about the present, and that’s exactly what the Museum of English Rural Life sets out to accomplish. By analyzing the “skills and experiences of farmers and craftspeople, past and present” they hope to improve our lives in the present and future.

But what if you aren’t a farmer? Or aren’t English? Or don’t care about any of what I just described?

Well when you go digging around in stuff from the 18th century, you discover some pretty interesting stuff, no matter what you’re interested in or where you’re from.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @TheMERL

The offices of the Museum of English Rural Life are filled with your usual boring fare.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @TheMERL

But, sometimes you find boxes full of eighteenth century diaries from Kent…

Photo Credit: Twitter: @TheMERL

Okay, normal enough so far.

Or is it?

They came across something that was distinctive and different.

Not a normal farm diary… or even a diary at all!

Photo Credit: Twitter: @TheMERL

Dang, these are some DOODLES.

Kids these days ain’t got nothing on Richard. The penmanship is ON point.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @TheMERL

And, finally, the greatest achievement in doodle history.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @TheMERL

Yep, that’s right, even kids in the 1700s got bored by math and wanted to see what a chicken wearing a pair of pants would look like.

So, if you get bored today, doodle an animal wearing some trousers in Richard’s honor.

Alright fam, have you ever doodled in your textbook? What did you draw?

Let us know in the comments!