You could see the tension building. And in one fell swoop, a Native American woman delivered a slap heard around the world.

A woman in Arizona has earned the “Phoenix Karen” nickname after a viral video emerged showing her yelling at a Native American woman to “go back to Mexico” at a gas station.

Let’s take a look…

Oh, that was highly satisfying.

People on Twitter universally cheered what happened to Phoenix Karen, because, honestly, she can go to hell.

Because pretty much everybody knew what was gonna happen.

The Native American woman bluntly asked Phoenix Karen where her ancestors are from. She smartly brought up the point that a white person claiming ownership of America is downright ignorant.

It turns out that a Twitter user even found out some concerning details about the woman in question.

That sparked a physical altercation between the two women. Phoenix Karen tried to move the woman aside. But once she put her hands on the woman in line, that led to a vicious slap. Phoenix Karen starts yelling at the man recording the incident in astonishment.

Of course, nobody took Phoenix Karen’s side. In the ultimate ironic twist, the woman she harassed has more of a stake in calling America home than her.

Have you ever witnessed a racially-charged incident? How did it end? Did you intervene?

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