We all have those bad days where we hit little bumps in the road and we fall to our knees, look to the sky, and scream “WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?”

Wait, you don’t do that at least a few times a week? Well, this just got awkward…sorry about that.

Anyway, we’re here today to look at some hilarious posts that people shared about folks having really bad, no-good, awful days.

So even if you’re having a terrible day, remember that it could be a lot worse…let’s take a look.


Yeah, you should probably get that looked at.


2. What is drywall, anyway?

Well, you’re about to find out.

A friend sent me this picture today.
by inWellthatsucks

3. Next time, make sure that glass is right side up.

That’s very unfortunate.

Good morning…
byu/deiwor inWellthatsucks

4. This is exactly what happened to Kevin.

I bet you won’t ever try this again, will you?

Feeling like Kevin from the office right now.
byu/GoAwayK inWellthatsucks

5. This hurts so much…

Shaking my darn head…

Noo this hurts
by inWellthatsucks

6. Ouch. This is really bad.

I’d like to know how this story ended.

7. Time to call a locksmith.

Or a friend with a crowbar.

See that tiny sliver of metal in the gap? Those are my car keys that I locked in the groove of my trunk.
byu/friendscallmeadolph inWellthatsucks

8. Not much you can do about that.

Maybe the phone survived the whole ride?

Well… i think the image speaks for itself.
byu/S0Ldado_WC inWellthatsucks

9. You saved some money, but…

Take a look at the stove top…

Apparently my post isn’t appropriate for r/DIY so I’ll share with y’all. I installed my own microwave today and saved $150 in install fees!
byu/zingusdingus inWellthatsucks

10. Just like a waterfall.

What the hell happened here?!?!

So, how’s your day going?
byu/product-of-my-time inWellthatsucks

11. Hahahaha. This is amazing.

And I bet he has a terrible headache.

Great hangover
byu/Nic0487 inWellthatsucks

12. I think somebody is in big trouble.

How’d you forget to strap that down?

[deleted by user]
by inWellthatsucks

13. Are you hungry?

Lucky the house didn’t burn down.

Really wanted pizza, fell asleep
byu/snailfrymccloud17 inWellthatsucks

14. You gotta respect the sun.

Or else…well, this is what happens.

When you are from Arizona and think 70 degrees on the beach in Cali doesnt require sunscreen. I. Hurt.
byu/slviiier inWellthatsucks

Okay, now it’s your turn!

In the comments, tell us about the last time you had a REALLY bad day.

We’d love to hear from you!