As you probably already know, cats enjoy sleeping. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say they LIVE FOR IT.

Hey, we’re not here to knock the lifestyle of any human being or animal, so we’re going to support their decision to snooze their days away. Actually, if we’re being honest, I’m kind of jealous…

But these cats take their sleeping to a higher level, literally. They just love taking naps high up in trees when it’s nice and sunny out and who can really blame them? It looks absolutely glorious.

Take a look at these cats sleeping in trees and try not to feel super envious, okay?

1. That cat tree is really coming along.

Look how many of them there are!

The cat tree is in blossoming nicely
byu/BillyGoat956961 infunny

2. I’ll be hiding up here.

Please don’t disturb me…


3. A nice place to lounge.

Hey, it’s as good as any, right?


4. Are you comfortable?

Just make yourself at home!


5. Be careful up there…

You wouldn’t want to use any of your nine lives now, would you?

Living dangerously. Why must he sleep high up in a tree???
byu/Oddcrotch incats

6. Snoozing the day away.

Cats sure got it made, don’t they?

Trees can also double as beds when you’re a tree cat.
byu/ZippityZoppity ina:t5_2tg2d

7. The eye in the sky.

Well, when she wakes up, that’s what she’ll be called.


8. What a rough life.

Time to yet another mid-day nap.

9. This looks like a good spot.

Nice and cozy up there.


10. He will be called Lord of the Trees.

Or something like that…


11. Looks like a very wise animal.

I would take advice from this cat. Is that weird?

The cat who lives in my tree.
byu/mudshine inaww

12. Here are some more good ones.

Now I think I need to take a snooze so I can catch up with these fellas.

Oh, those adorable kitties!

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