Nobody really likes working out, even those super fit gym rats…IMO.

And me? I loathe it.

When someone mentions they did their chair dips, I tell them I did too. Like sat in a chair and ate some dips, did them.

Yeah, I have issues.

Anyway, if I could put into words how much I hate the gym, then this viral video of a 25 pound cat proves my point.


The North Shore Veterinary Hospital in Bellingham, Washington took in the feline after her previous owner could no longer care for her. She was to be euthanized. So sad.

The medical director and veterinarian on staff, Brita Kiffney said, “I couldn’t do it and asked [the owner] to relinquish her to me She agreed and was grateful, as she really didn’t want to euthanize Cinder but was overwhelmed with the care of her father. So, she is morbidly obese, due to overfeeding by the father.”

The big beauty is now on a strict diet and weight loss regime. Hence the hilarious video. After the Instagram post blew up, the veterinary clinic used the new found fame “to raise money for discounted veterinary services.” And the fun does stop with one video! The clinic continues to provide sneak peeks into her progress.

Here she is “exercising”… um… yeah.


The clinic says in the post:

“By scattering the kibble we encouraged her to move around the room. This does also increase her exercise albeit not dramatically. Every little bit helps.”

Go, Cinder, go!


Here she is getting in her steps.

Does she have a paw-dometer?


It’s that time for the weekly weight in.

I see you cheating, Cinder. I do it too.


The internet cheered her on with comments saying, “We Stand with #Cinderblock”, “I wish #Cinderblock the best”, and “#Cinderblock is giving me life today”, to name a few.

But this guy is the BEST motivator! GREAT JOB Patrick!


Well, I suppose if Cinder can do it, I can too.

*Munches on chips and dip*

Now where can I find a water treadmill?