Hmmm…well, this sure is curious

Tell me something: just what exactly am I looking at here?

I’m no mind-reader (yet) but I have a feeling that’s the question you’re going to be asking yourself over and over again as you look at these very strange photos.

Are you ready to get weird?

Get started right now!

1. That really doesn’t look very comfortable.

I hope she’s okay…poor thing…

2. What? You don’t put eyelashes on your glasses?

I thought this was totally normal!

3. Is that a shadow or a black cat?

Let us know when you figure it out.

4. Not the call this dog was expecting.

It was probably from his ex-wife.

5. It blends right in, you can’t even tell!

Well, this is…weird.

6. A lot of conflicting opinions going on in this apartment complex.

I wonder if they all get together for coffee…

7. Not to alarm you, but there’s a demon behind you.

This is pretty terrifying.

8. Perfect decoration for an emergency room.

This probably cheers the patients up!

9. What did Scooby and Shaggy do this time?

I think I have an idea what Shaggy was up to…

10. There’s someone living inside your TV set.

Just letting you know…

11. This is what your cat is doing while you sleep.

Kind of creepy, don’t you think?

12. The golden arches are creeping back into your life, aren’t they…?

We both know there’s no escape!

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