One Woman Wrote a Twitter Thread About ‘Ugly People’ for Her Wife, and It’s Making Us Emotional

We all feel unattractive from time to time. It’s a side-effect of living in a world where beauty standards are near-impossible to reach, and a symptom of a low self-esteem. However, so many of us feel that we’re “ugly” or “unloveable”, and that we must hide our smiles and true faces from those around us.

However, one woman on Twitter is proving that idea wrong. In honor of her wife’s anniversary, Alex started a Twitter thread that would quickly go viral and touch countless hearts, especially those belonging to so-called “ugly” people. She’s proving that people are beautiful, not because of their appearance, but because of how they react to the goodness of life.

According to Alex, we’re “ugly” to ourselves because we only see the image of ourselves that we perceive in the mirror, while those who love us see much, much more.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @alexdurog

She finished the thread with a touching dedication to her wife, a talented artist named Des, who knows now more than ever that she is loved and beautiful in the eyes of her spouse.

However, Alex’s social-media poetry was more than a gift; it was a source of inspiration and courage for people all over Twitter. Many people commented on the thread, congratulating the happy couple and explaining how much Alex’s words meant to them.

Sometimes it takes a beautiful person saying what needs to be said to inspire others into seeing their own worth.

Society and social media might put pressure on us to look a certain way, but those who truly love us will see the beauty in our true selves.

There are hundreds of comments on Alex’s thread, and most of them thanking her for her words and wisdom. It came from a place of sincerity and love, and sometimes that’s all a sentiment needs to touch the hearts of others.