It’s been said before, but it bears repeating: we don’t deserve our pets.

Yeah, we pride ourselves on being good pet parents, but let’s be honest… they’re always there for us, and they really require very little in return – compared to what they give, at least. The faucet of unconditional love is flowing 24/7 and that’s just so valuable!

Adweek editor Sammy Nickalls knows this to be true. She recently share how her cat is there for her when she needs it most, and then asked her followers for examples of how their pets are awesome little balls of loves.

You know what happened next. Pet owners everywhere shared their own stories with how amazing their forever friends are. And pet lovers got in on the action too.

Here are some of the best…

Somehow, they just know!

Always adaptable!

We’re all crying now. *sniff*

“I make it bettr hooman. You no worry.”

The stress relief is real.

Again, they always know!

Letting the master mend…

This cat can chill…

Puppy love

So if you have a pet, give them some extra snuggles today. Because you know you’re going to get them right back. #love