Uh oh…just by reading the headline alone, you know people are going to have strong feelings about what this woman said on Reddit’s “Am I the *sshole?” page.

Because people (obviously) tend to get pretty fired up about their children…as well they should.

But this parent went on the record and said their kids aren’t their greatest accomplishment.

Are they wrong?

Let’s see what’s going on here.

AITA for saying that my kids are not my “greatest accomplishment” and that I resent the assumption they are?

“I love my kids, but they are not my everything. I had a whole lifetime before. I ran marathons, climbed mountains, wrote a novel that was published and did moderately successful in the 00s, and have a MFA in creative writing.

Chatting with some folks in the neighborhood, we got to talking about our greatest accomplishments. When it came to me, Tom said “Oh, well we know what your greatest accomplishment is, obviously. You have three beautiful, well-behaved children.”

I was honestly shocked, and I said no, that’s NOT my greatest accomplishment. He looked just as shocked, and I said what my greatest accomplishment is, and then said “And by the way, I resent the assumption that having kids is my greatest accomplishment. You have kids, why didn’t you say that?”

He said how he didn’t birth the kids, and how that’s a miracle of life and all that gag-me sh*t. I just rolled my eyes and said “Let’s not boil women down to their biological functions, kay?”

Jen, who has kids, chimed in and said “Well, my kids are my greatest accomplishment. I can’t imagine thinking anything else.”

Tom looked super smug, others including other moms chimed in. All of the moms agreed their kids were their greatest accomplishment.

I kind of stewed about it. After that, the woman who chimed in sent me a message asking me if I needed to talk to someone, and asked if I was depressed, because my statement was worrisome.

She ended up reaching out to my husband to encourage me to get help, because it seems I’m unhappy being a mom and that puts my kids at risk.

Am I really the *sshole here for thinking being a Mom isn’t the end all be all of my life? Like… wtf?”

Let’s see how folks on Reddit responded to this woman’s story.

This reader said they think her story says a lot about the society we live in…and not in a good way.

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Another reader agreed with the woman who wrote the post: her kids are not he greatest accomplishment and there’s nothing wrong with saying that.

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This person said that their list of accomplishments is long and that their children are not at the top of the list. Period.

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Another reader said that, although they don’t have children, they find it to be awkward when parents make comments like this…and that they think it even comes off as narcissistic.

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Lastly, a reader said that the woman was not wrong for what she said that children should be viewed as human beings, not THINGS.

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