Nearly every parent on this planet knows one universal truth: raising children from infancy to adulthood is flat-out hard.

Some of us get “easy” kids and some of us don’t, but the moral of the story is that kids are really monsters sent to us from another planet, and we have to do our best to just get through it. For every day that you pinch yourself because you don’t know how you got so lucky, there are days like these… where you wonder why you even bother.

Here are 11 photos that prove parenting is definitely not for the faint of heart.

1. Do you know what’s happening here?

Yep: he’s cleaning his potty with his mom’s toothbrush. This is fine.

Lockdown day 17. In case anyone is wondering how us parents are doing, this is my 3 years old cleaning his potty with my toothbrush
by infunny

2. What a cute monster!

Seriously, how did this kid do that?

My little sister knocked on my door and I came out to this
byu/RexFry2005 infunny

3. Always a pleasure.

Could someone please do something about this game?

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4. Maybe it’s time for some science lessons.

Or you could just pet the “turtle.”

My 3yo daughter set her chalk up this way &demands it’s a turtle. She made me pet it twice.
byu/Landahlia12 inKidsAreFuckingStupid

5. Truly. What a joy.

Working from home is going great!

Working from home…
byu/redditnihilist infunny

6. You didn’t need those, right?

Luckily toilet paper is a little easier to get these days.

7. Why not bedazzle everything?

And they mean everything.

My 9 year old daughter bedazzled our remote. It’s very pretty but quite challenging to find the button you need.
byu/spankybianky inDiWHY

8. Nope, nope, nope.

This is so physically uncomfortable it’s hard to even look at it.

She wanted a bath. 🤦🏻‍♀️
byu/RecklessDolly inKidsAreFuckingStupid

9. They always keep you on your toes!

And then turn you into an at-home hairstylist.

1st Day Working From Home! How do I get this out? Pink slime. 🤭
byu/vellowitty inpics

10. Tattoos are next!

All over his face.

My 4 year old found permanent markers and is so proud that he is now Darth Maul.
byu/rdixonp inStarWars

11. Summer vibes.

The expression on her face really says it all.

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