Parents everywhere understand one simple fact: raising kids is definitely not an easy task.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t all have our good — or even great — days, but it does mean that we also have our not so good days.

These 9 photos will immediately horrify every parent, mostly because you’ve probably experienced something just like it from your own kids.

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1. “He’s got the rona!”

She started making her brother a coffin as soon as she diagnosed him. Clever, huh?

Not sure if I should be proud or concerned. My daughter said “He’s got the RONA!!!” And started making him a coffin.
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2. What the hell is going on here?

I’m scared! Hold me!

My little sister knocked on my door and I came out to this
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3. Aww, precious!

That baby is going to be pretty confused when she finally takes that mask off.

This is how my 2.5 year old niece insists on holding her new baby brother
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4. At least they’re getting along.

Would you like your eggs with a side of freshly baked baby?

Quarantine Day 37: The kids are trying to cook each other.
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5. It’s a vibe.

She’s just really into glasses, okay?

My autistic niece loves glasses.

6. He’s going places.

Who really needs block anyway? Food is so much better.

Parenting summed up…
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7. *Cries*

Okay, I think this is an actual nightmare.

It took me years to learn how to program and develop games, and my 2 year old manages to hack into the matrix on his first try
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8. Naked baby!

How do they get their clothes off so quickly?!

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9. Only a kid would do this.

The story: “I gave my 2-year-old a slice of cheese to eat while she was watching some Paw Patrol. Then I checked on her a minute later…”

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Did you make it through the post in one go? Or were some of these situations so stressful you needed a break?

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