As any parent will tell you, raising kids is not for the faint of heart.

From crying for no reason to painting the walls and being fussy about what to eat, kids can try us at the best of times. But, between all those growing pains, there is plenty of love and hilarity to go around. Despite the occasional bumps in the road, being a parent is certainly worth it.

Check out 10 tweets that run the emotional gamut for these sometimes tired, but always loving, parents. If you’re a one too, you’re guaranteed to identify with these sweet moments.

1. What did you say?

We hope it wasn’t something frightening—but it probably was.

Photo credit: @TheCatWhisprer

2. Yikes… the dreaded teen years!

Things change before you know it, so make sure to appreciate the now.

Photo credit: @mom_needsalife

3. Just be patient.

Cereal is just as good as spaghetti when you’re hungry.

Photo credit: @sarcasticmommy4

4. It’s soooo easy!

Anyone can do (most) if it.

Photo credit: @MyMomologue

5. Outlast, outwit, outplay.

Otherwise known as “Product Survivor.”

Photo credit: @MommaUnfiltered

6. But they’re so good!

Surely you’d do the same.

Photo credit: @mom_ontherocks

7. Our condolences to this little boy.

It was a short, sweet life.

Photo credit: @mom_ontherocks

8. There’s a “Karen” in every family.

No matter how little.

Photo credit: @Stonecolddad316

9. Is pizza a food group?

It seems to hit all the marks, doc.

Photo credit: @SnarkyMommy78

10. Things always look different from the outside.

And dad is well, dad.

Photo credit: @SnarkyMommy78

Are you a mom or dad who’s experienced the unexpected in raising your kids?

Share your crazy, fun moments and parenting adventures in the comments below and make sure to let us know which of the above tweets are your favorites!