I think that it must be embedded in the DNA of all parents out there that they refuse to apologize for anything.

Do you know what I’m saying?

I think you do…because it’s a fact!

They’ll never actually say “I’m sorry” for anything, even when they’re definitely in the wrong. It’s just the way it is, I guess.

But they WILL apologize in another way, like offering you food or something like that.

Let’s see what people had to say about this issue.

1. Here come the waterworks.

Now it’s YOUR fault.

2. This is a classic.

Nothing happened. Period.

3. This is not good.

Get it together, people!

4. Shopping will fix this.

Better than nothing, I guess.

5. Just be normal!

And stop crying!

6. This is pretty rough.

Man…lighten up.

7. A big BUT is always coming.

Sorry, BUT…

8. It never happened.

Or did it?

9. Let’s break it down.

It’s all your fault!

10. Ugh. The worst.

I’ve heard this one before.

11. Yikes. Sorry.

I hope that gets better!

Those look pretty familiar, don’t they?

You know they do!

Now we want to hear about the ways that your parents apologize to you.

Tell us all about it in the comments!