You know what I think is really, really dumb?

People who talk about things that they don’t know anything about!

It drives me nuts! And I think we can all agree that people who don’t have children should never give parents any kind of advice in that area.

Have you ever been given ridiculous parenting advice from people WITH NO KIDS?

Here’s how parents on AskReddit responded.

1. Not gonna happen.

“”It’ll be fun, you can just get a babysitter!”

Yeah, let me get right on finding a babysitter on 3 hours notice so I can leave my bottle-refusing 2 month old baby to come to a concert that starts at 11pm.”

2. What a jerk.

“I was pregnant at the time and working in a kitchen.

My general manager caught me sitting down while prepping some potatoes for service and said “It must be nice to get to laze around whenever you want”.

It took all of my will to not say something snarky.  He did get fired 3 weeks later for a non related incident. Karma is a b*tch.”

3. Nope.

“I love the ones that say if a 2-year-old throws a tantrum in public that means the parents are bad parents.

Or people who think parents should have some magical ability to prevent babies from crying on planes.”

4. No point in that.

“A childless friend couldn’t understand why my 2 year old wasn’t wearing any clothes in the house.

“Isn’t he cold? Why don’t you just dress him?”

Because he will be undressed again within 60 seconds there is absolutely no point in dressing him.”

5. Not easy at all.

“My friend who is child free, thinks it’s just easy and “not a big deal” to bring a new born-up to 12 month old to a large football game, tailgates, bars, breweries, etc. (this was pre covid).

NONE of that is easy. Babies have scheduled. Toddlers have schedules.

They don’t just come along and not make noise for hours at events while the parent has fun!”

6. Totally the same.

“A friend told me very confidently that babies were “exactly like puppies”.

I can see the similarities, but I think the whole waiting around a year for human babies to walk is one pretty major difference.”

7. Sounds like a great idea.

“SIL is very big on free range parenting but believes a 4 or 5 year old should be able to find and ride the subway in NYC by themselves and essentially just roam.

Curious if she will change her tune when she has kids.”

8. No one is sleeping here.

“Once a friend said to me, the mother of a newborn, “it must be nice to sleep in all the time!”.

Like yeah, if sleeping in means waking up 7 times a night.”

9. Not a chance.

“”You can just put the carseat in my car.”

Nope. I spent 2 hours putting that thing in. It is never coming out.

We are taking my car or not going.”

10. Now you know.

“I thought having twins would be the ultimate deal, get it out of the way and done.

Then I actually had twins.

I got served such a big piece of humble pie.”

11. Good luck with that.

“I had a coworker who was struggling to pass the CFA exams.

She suggested that she might find the time to study by adopting a child and taking advantage of maternity leave.

She did not, in fact, do this.”

12. Yes, you will.

“My friend said that SHE would NEVER allow her kids to watch the ipad.

I am so proud of myself for never mentioning that after her two crazy boys became ipad addicted at ages 3 and 5.”

13. You live in a fantasy world.

“My (childless) sister informed me that her future kids won’t ever watch the Frozen franchise.

I laughed and laughed and laughed some more.”

Have you ever heard people with no kids make uninformed and ridiculous comments?

If so, tell us all about it in the comments.

Please and thank you!