Cats have a knack for being dainty and delicate. They walk on teeny, tiny tightrope-size ledges with ease, and they can creep around without making a sound.

But, on the flip side, they’re also known for some other more destructive antics, like knocking your full glass of water off the table onto the floor time and time again.

Some people wondered what would happen if they gave their cats a raw egg. Would they drop them on the floor or protect them and treat them delicately?

It all started with TikTok user @annafromtiktok. Here’s what happened:


#fyp #cat #egg #categg #eggcat

♬ original sound – annafromtiktok

Anna’s cat simply looked at the egg and even licked it a bit. Other people were inspired and decided to try to the same experiment with their cats, then videotape the results.

This pretty kitty, for instance, daintily repositioned himself to curl up tight around his new egg friend:


Why do I do this ?

♬ original sound – annafromtiktok

This black cat looked pretty confused initially but then seemed to really grasp the idea:


wow so he protects the egg but attacks me. What a douchebag. #xyzbca #foryoupage #catsoftiktok #cat #eyesonme

♬ original sound – annafromtiktok

Meanwhile, these two were just legitimately confused by the whole thing?!

WTF is this Mom?


nah they just be confused #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – annafromtiktok

According to the caption, this cat appeared to be sweet and protective of this egg, but then promptly knocked it onto the floor!


He knocked it off after smh #catsoftiktok #fyp

♬ original sound – annafromtiktok

People honestly just thought it was too cute for words:


#duet with @traceyjorgensen

♬ original sound – annafromtiktok

We love these little weird pet experiments that go viral on the internet (especially when they are 100 percent harmless to everyone involved!). Can you imagine what’s going through your pet’s mind when you whip out your phone and do something random to them, like hand them an egg?

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