It kind of blows my mind that people can be so rude and annoying in another person’s home.

used to have a friend who would NOT LEAVE my house until I basically had to shove him out the door. Take a hint, dude. It’s time to leave so I can be alone.

Here are some annoying yet true stories from AskReddit users about bad houseguests.

1. No supervision.

“A kid whose parents didn’t supervise him. He was probably 8 or 9 at the time and would get into ANYTHING – especially stuff computer related. He would dig through drawers and open boxes looking for gadgets to play with.

Only to fuck them up or lose something.

We finally told the parents they couldn’t bring him back when he got into the kitchen and turned on the glass top stove while a pizza box was on it.

Started a small, quickly extinguished fire and the house smelled like smoke for about a week.”

2. Unbelievable.

“Invite their own guest to stay with us for 5 days.

None of them were invited to stay over.

Their relatives.”

3. Didn’t bother to ask.

“Let their little kid wipe his ass with my guest towels.

Instead of, you know, asking where the toilet paper is.”

4. You do someone a favor…

“I invited a former college classmate to come and stay at my house when I found out he was homeless. I knew he had issues with drinking but was not aware that he had come to include other addictions. It was late in the evening when I picked him up and brought him home.

I showed him is room, the bathroom, told him to help himself to anything in the fridge.

Less than 2 hours later I woke up to the smoke alarm going off. I guess he had decided to smoke some benadryl that was in the medicine cabinet. I’m not really sure what went on, but he scorched my coffee table and a small patch of laminate flooring plus he burned/melted a spot in my area rug big enough that I had to replace it.

He also broke my favourite glass and for some reason that still baffles me, smashed the remote for my TV into several pieces. Needless to say, I had to show him the door.

The next day I told him he needed to go to the addictions clinic at the hospital and tell them he needed help because he was a danger to himself and others.”

5. How rude!

“At my son’s first birthday party, my stepmoms mother (who wasn’t even invited) made the comment, “Your wife says she isn’t materialistic, but you sure have a lot of stuff.”

We were living in a small two bedroom apartment and my sons room (which had toys and other presents) was also my office and the only storage we had.”

6. Sounds like a nightmare.

“Asked a couple who is friends of my BF to watch my home for a little less than 2 weeks. I left my home sparkling clean, fridge packed full of their favorite goodies, movie tickets, gift certificates, bottles of beer and wine, and my car to use as they pleased (since neither of them have their own car or live on their own).

Upon returning home around 10pm, after 20+ hours of flights and traveling…

The house was filthy. The floor was covered in dirt. Counters were crammed with shit as if they pulled everything out from the cabinets and left them. Beer bottles were left empty on every surface.

Pistachio nut shells were thrown on the floor and left strewn on my bedside table and bedroom dresser.

Their dirty underwears were just left on the bathroom floor.

The kitchen sink was FILLED with nearly all of my dishes which had been used and left dirty.

Most of my Tupperware was now in the fridge filled with their leftover food.

My patio furniture was pulled into my bedroom and used as a game set-up with my bedroom TV moved to a different spot.

They left “sex oil” on my night stand.

They somehow broke my washing machine.

They threw out all of my “chemical” cleaning supplies and replaced them with “organic cleaning supplies” (aka vinegar and water)

When we got into my apartment, they said, “wow it’s so weird to have you here. It’s like this was OUR house, and now it’s yours.” Like, BITCH this was always my fucking house. How could you forget that so quickly?!

They seemed in no rush to leave. They sat in the living room and opened up some beer.

I didn’t rush them out. I also did not bother to help them clean up their huge mess. I was exhausted and fell asleep on the couch while my bf awkwardly made small talk and unwillingly hung out.

The next morning, I get a text from the girlfriend saying she thought it was disgusting and rude of me not to wear a bra when I fell asleep (implying that I was trying to turn her bf on). First of all, I was wearing a fucking bra.

My nips are just always rock hard for some reason, and I was wearing a sports bra on the plane so not much padding there anyway. Also, if I didn’t want to wear a bra to go to bed, I don’t need to because I’m in my own fucking house.

There are so many more things they did that irritated me. These are just a few I can remember right off the bat.”

7. Mom’s friend.

“One of my mother’s friends is not only a raging alcoholic but is also on ridiculous amount of prescription drugs. One night she was staying with my parents and fell asleep in a leather recliner because of aforementioned alcohol and drugs.

At some point in the middle of the night she shit herself, again because of the aforementioned alcohol and drugs, and instead of being a good guest and decent human being and being embarrassed by it and doing her damndest to clean it up, she threw the blanket she was sleeping under over her mess and then went upstairs to sleep in one of the beds.

Then she just told my mother about it in the morning and then left.

My mother used bleach and every cleaner under the sun to clean up the mess, and she did, but she ended up just throwing the chair out because how could you ever really look at it the same way again.

The most shocking detail in this story is that my mother is still friends with this lady.”

8. Yes, it’s real.

“My dad collects fossils and found the lower half of a human jaw. He called the police when he found it but they told him it was quite old and couldn’t do anything with it. In the end he was allowed to keep it and the jaw bone is on display in his poker room.

My mother’s cousin stayed with them for a visit, picked it up by each end and pressed them inward exclaiming “oh is this real?” The piece snapped in half. Dad quietly removed the bits from my cousins hands and left the room. He put it together with some scotch tape.”

9. Blood is boiling.

“My late partner was very sick with leukemia. After over a year of being his 24/7 caregiver I got the opportunity to go abroad for a work trip. My partner insisted I go because I deserved a break from caregiving and that his deadbeat brother would fill in as caregiver while I was gone.

While his brother was staying with in our home, he brought his cat which is a no no for someone who living with zero immune system, did the ABSOLUTE minimum to take care of my partner and left him basically to figure out Meds/food on his own.

And the final blow was he stole the big piggy bank that we were using to save for his bucket list vacation before he died. Then denied he did it.

It makes my blood boil thinking about it.”

10. I hope you never spoke to them again.

“Threw their baby’s dirty diapers under my bed the entire weekend… wasnt fun when I found them all after they left Sunday night.

They also stole the $50 worth of coins from my piggy bank.”

11. Revenge.

“When my cousin was my roommate her trashy sad red neck boyfriend would come over and use all of my pots and pans and then leave them for me to clean up after him.

One night I got so pissed I dumped the entire sink full of their mess onto her bed and covered it with a blanket.

Never again.”

12. Not cool at all.

“Last weekend I spent all day cooking for all my friends. I slow cooked chicken all day, made fresh salsa and guac, etc.

We all got drunk and ate. I putt everything away so I could save it for meals later. I’m poor so it was supposed to feed me for a bit.

Well after I went to bed, this fucking cunt took the food out to make tacos and didn’t put it away. So I had to throw away all the food I spent all day cooking

I’m still pissed and getting mad just writing this.”

13. Stankin’ up the house.

“A chick I had met online years prior asked to stay she is from the US I am in AUS. She didn’t shower the whole time and literally stank up my house, made a mad mess, ate everything, then when she was leaving I was baking a cake for someone at works B-Day. She said goodbye and left to go to another chicks house.

I discovered later that day she had taken the cake with her. The next house she went to she didn’t shower either (we all met on the same website and the next victim of her stank was now living in AUS from California and we regularly handgout still), she ate all their food too, stank twice as bad as a heatwave occurred and then drank all the alcohol from their house replacing it with water and tea.

They didn’t discover this until weeks after she left as they weren’t big drinkers.”

14. WTF?

“Let my indoor cat out on Christmas Eve. And by let out I mean left three doors wide open. The one to my apartment, the foyer, and the outside door. The cat eventually came home after four hours of my husband and I roaming the neighborhood with cat toys and treats, me sobbing and screaming his name.

Which is Zion. Which is a weird thing to be yelling on Christmas Eve dressed for church and swinging a cat toy like the shame bell in GoT.”

15. Mommy dearest.

“All of the following are my mother.

Decided that my air conditioner filter needed to be cleaned while I was at work, so she tried to do it herself, got it open, then I’m not quite sure what happened, but she couldn’t get it back together, so she called an air conditioner repair person in who put it back together, but it never worked as well after that. She made me pay for the repair person when I came home from work…

This is way back during the olden days of land lines — she had trouble with my phone, she couldn’t connect or something — again, this happened while I was out at work — so she called the phone company, who sent someone to my home to examine my phone line. She paid them while they were there ($90), and then made me pay her when I got home from work.

Yet another visit, and yet again, while I was at work, she decided to clean my kitchen, which (I assume) included doing the dishes. All fine. But then she decided to go out for a walk — before she did the dishes. She forgot she had turned on the faucet, and just left the apartment.

I came home from work to find her trying to stomp on my living room floor because the kitchen had flooded, and it had gone out into the living room, under the hardwood floors, completely warping them. Luckily, it just sort of fixed itself over the next few months, but for a while I thought that was going to cost me a fortune.

I should never work when my mom comes to visit. Another time, she decided to touch up some paint on my walls. I did not have paint in my home, so she had to go out to do this to buy paint to do this.

For some reason, she wore my leather jacket to buy the paint and then didn’t take it off while she was doing the touch ups and got paint on my jacket as well as on one of my chairs.

The big one — she wanted to sit by candle light in my living room and made me dig out some candles (I just never used them… had a bunch of them, cause people give them as gifts, but they were way in the back of my cupboard cause I’m not a big candle person).

She sat in the living room, just relaxing with the candles. I went to bed, but she stayed out there, and then… forgot to blow the candles out before she went to bed. I woke up to the sound of breaking glass in the middle of the night.

This will tell you a bit about some other annoying things she’s done… my first thought was “oh god, she’s broken some more of my dishes”, but then I worried that she might hurt herself or cut herself on some glass, so I got up and went into the hallway, and saw flames shooting into the hallway from the living room and my mom as she ran directly into the flames.

She ran through them into the kitchen and started filling a bowl with water (I know this because seconds later I saw her throwing a tiny bit of water onto the fire. I went into the bathroom and got the toothbrush cup and filled it with water and we both just used our tiny bits of water to put out the fire.

The breaking glass had been the framed picture above the piano, and the only thing that had burnt was the piano (and the wall), so we were able to put it out ourselves.

But the ceiling was completely blackened, and the wall behind the piano, as well as the doorway into the living room was completely ruined.

Insurance would have paid, but I would have had higher insurance premiums and still have had to pay a $5000 deductible,which considering the limited amount of damage I thought would be less than the actual cost of repairs, so I didn’t claim it… but it did end up costing around $5000 to fix everything.”

16. I think it’s time to leave.

“My best friend wouldn’t fucking leave. When I asked her what her going home plans were after six days, she said “I don’t plan my life that way.”

We are 30.”

Jeez..some people…they act up even when they’re guests…

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