Don’t you think that falling in love is WONDERFUL?!?!

And even if it doesn’t work out, the memories of those early days when you got the warm fuzzies and butterflies in your stomach will stick with you forever.

It’s one of the best parts about being human!

What makes you say to yourself, “I’m in love with this person”?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Your band sucks.

“It’s weird but I knew I was in love with my wife when she told me my band sucked.

Instead of just telling me what I wanted to hear to make me happy, she told me what I didn’t want to hear so I could move on and do something more worthwhile with my time.”

2. That’s a good sign.

“I had a hard time breathing when I first met my wife and whenever she walked in the room.”

3. The only one.

“I always prefer to be alone… except for this person.

I would rather do everything with them.”

4. A keeper!

“I grew up in Texas before moving to Canada. There were a few foods that I had in Texas that I could never find here.

When I started dating my wife, she had me over for dinner one night. She made me burritos with green salsa on them. Green salsa was one of my favorite sauces growing up and I had never been able to find a good version of it here.

I was telling her how delicious the sauce was and how it was my favorite as a kid. I asked her where she bought it. She said ‘I didn’t buy it I made it from scratch.’

That was the moment I decided we were going to get married.”

5. Safe.

“Knowing I’m the safest I’ve ever been around him. We comfort each other. We both know we can be 100% ourselves around each other. It feels like home.

For me, it’s also the fact he turns the most mundane activities into the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. He could be washing dishes and all I can think is about how he’s the most wonderful person I’ve ever met.

I could stare at that gentle face forever. He’s magic. And even long after the honeymoon phase, he still gives me butterflies.

6. All good stuff.

“I’m always glad to hear from them.

Their words carry weight apart from others, and I believe them before I believe my own negativity.”

7. A perfect match.

“Honestly so many different things…

But last night I’d gone to bed a bit earlier than him cuz I’d been dosing off while watching a YouTube video. When he came to bed, I woke up to chat with him for a bit in that half asleep silly nonsensical chat you do when you’ve been asleep.

He pulled me close and told me I was the best thing that’s ever happened to him. If I wasn’t half asleep I’d have cried haha.

He never lets me worry too much, never makes me feel bad about myself. Never makes me feel like I’m annoying or too much. I don’t feel like I’m burdening him by expecting a message. He is literally my perfect match.

We’ve been together nearly two years now and I’ve never met someone who completes me more like him. I feel so sad if I haven’t gotten to see him much in the day.

Sometimes we work shifts where I get home at 10 and he goes to work at 9:50, so I don’t get to see him and I feel so sad. But I always get to wake up in the morning with him crawling into bed to pull me close.

If he asked me to marry him, I’d do it in an instant. I have never loved anyone so deeply.”

8. Hang on to this one.

“I have been searching for my first professional position outside of university and had an interview last week at a firm about a 50 min bus ride away from me.

My bf lives a lot closer so I asked if I could commute from his place after staying the night. He said he’d drive me/pick me up. I get to his place and silly me forgot to buy proper shoes to go w/ my new outfit. BF takes me shoe shopping for like an hour.

The morning of, bf tells me about a professor he had in university who had once said to do power poses before interviews to beat nerves and boost confidence. BF shows me his go to power pose and encourages me to join him.

The interview itself went well, I haven’t heard back from them yet, but knowing that i have a partner who wants to see me succeed professionally and is supportive of my goals is incredible.

He always told me that I was capable of so much and having him by my side to see it is rewarding for us both. I love him like crazy.”

9. Two halves of a whole.

“My wife understands me, like really gets me, and I understand her too.

I’ve always felt like an outsider, in any situation, and I have a hard time understanding people, as well. She listens to me and embraces all my weird quirks. Meeting her was like being an alien species and then suddenly finding out there’s another alien of the same species, on this foreign planet with you.

That might be a weird way to put it but when I met her I was like this is it! This is the one! She gets my humor, gets my feelings, we share dreams, aspirations; she’s the other half of my heart and brain, you could say.

“We’re two halves of a whole idiot” as Cosmo would say.”

10. Happiness.

“Wanting their happiness so much, that if the right choice for them takes them away from me, I somehow want them to take it.”

11. I feel your pain.

“Seeing/hearing her cry physically pains my entire body.

No matter what emotion im feeling at the time, my entire body and mind flings itself into “must stop the crying” mode.”

12. Taking care of you.

“I’m diabetic so any time she gets my insulin ready for me.

I never ask her to, but just her doing it gives me a very heart warming feeling.”

13. Nerd love!

“He’s a big old nerd.

When I first saw his eyes light up as he babbled about one of his hobbies, I knew I was going to love this man forever.”

14. Can’t help smiling.

“When she laughs and I can’t hold back my own smile. When she tells me she’s thinking about me and I want to pull her close to me.

When I think about making long term decisions and and I try to think about how she would feel about it.

When I have the day planned to be with her and suddenly find myself with all the energy I could ever need.”

15. His word is his bond.

“I met my partner, kept it casual, neither of us wanted a relationship, but we were clearly falling for each other.

Long story short, I had a big breakdown (I have diagnosed and not exactly minor mental health illnesses), he thought I’d killed myself.

He got on his motorbike and turned up at my house, I opened the door in the biggest state, he grabbed me and I will never forget he said “I promise I will never leave your side”. And he has stuck to every promise he’s ever made.

Not engaged though I think it’s coming, but I’m already planning our wedding. That man is my entire life.”

16. Seeing the future.

“Early on in our friendship before we started dating, my BF and I were sitting on a couch reading stories out loud to each other (prob on Reddit).

While he read, a vivid image of our future selves looking old flashed in my mind and I remember feeling a sense of calm, peace, and love.

I’ve never seen myself growing old with anyone ever.”

17. Now you know.

“We had a pregnancy scare and thinking about the potential of having a baby with her made me happy.

For the first time in my life the thought of making a family with a woman filled me with joy.

That’s when I knew.”

18. Take the good one.

“While she was making soup I made two grilled cheese sandwiches, one for each of us.

As I finish up and go to slice them I notice that one had a little burnt patch in the center.

Without hesitation or a second thought I gave her the unburnt sandwich.”

19. True love.

That she’s the first person I ever want to share any type of important news or random thoughts that pop into my head.”

20. Melted.

“My girlfriend was telling a story to me and a couple of friends when the cuckoo clock made her jump.

She told it off in the most adorable way imaginable with the cutest voice before continuing the story.

I think both my friends fell in love with her a little then too. I kinda just melted right there.”

21. Something special.

“About a month into dating, we were at my house cuddling in bed listening to reggae music, we both were awake, not talking or saying anything at all, just laying there holding each other.

I could feel the love coming from her, and I felt the same way. It was something deep and primal, I didn’t have a care in the world other than being with her in that moment, and I knew I was feeling something special.

Super cheesy I know!”

22. Dreams.

“I want to be a writer. Always wanted to make art.

I come from a family who doesn’t back me in my dreams. Very practical people. Very kind people. Painfully pragmatic. 2 years ago I started writing and there isn’t a day that goes by that my wife doesn’t pump me up. There isn’t a day that goes by where she doesn’t talk with me about my dream.

But, for the kicker, we are sitting and talking about our future. She says, “after you have been selling your work for a bit do you think we could go to Europe and see the sights?”

I said of course but what do you mean after a bit? She says “oh well, I know the next couple of years you need to get your work out there, but, I figured after everyone knows you’re great we can relax for a couple of months.”

This woman knows in her bones I’m gonna make it. So no matter what she does. I’ll have her back just as hard. I can’t begin to tell you how important it is to have that one person not just believe in you. But know you will do it.”

23. Humor is crucial.

“First time I really fell for someone was when he was texting me and matched my humor.

He would also call me cute names and if I didn’t answer for a while, he’d spam them until I answered.

Honestly thought it was cute.”

24. Not draining.

“I find most human interaction draining, but with him I recharge. I was seeking out his company before I really knew him.

We just fit. We have a lot in common (politics, religion, attitudes to finance) but where we differ we create a dynamic that makes each of us better.”

25. Doing it all together.

“I genuinely want to do everything with/for her.

I want to make my wife laugh, make her life easier, and go through every part of life with her – for better and for worse.”

26. Tell them first.

“The first person I want to tell when anything happens is them.

No matter how much we fight or how angry I am, they’re the person I want to talk to.

I have a healthy support circle, but I still prefer talking to my SO no matter how bad or good things are going.”

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