J.K. Rowling started her career as a beloved author who created a popular serious with an almost cult-like following, “Harry Potter.” But in recent years, Rowling has come under fire for a whole host of behaviors and decisions she’s made, particularly since she joined Twitter.

Her latest action to draw ire? Asking children to help illustrate her newest book, “The Ickabog.”

Here’s how the whole thing started:

Rowling went on to say that she hopes children will submit illustrations of their own for the book:

She pointed out that the best pictures will be included in the published books later this year:

Some people were initially jazzed about this idea:

And even adults wanted to know if they could submit their illustrations:

But then the criticisms started rolling in. Chiefly, that Rowling is exploiting children for free labor:

Others began warning parents to proceed with caution:


Rowling was quick to respond, explaining that people need to read the terms and conditions:

She points out that no one is trying to steal the work of children:

And the winners will receive prizes, too.

No matter how you feel about Rowling, it’s pretty obvious that there’s an easy solution to this debate. If you aren’t comfortable with the terms of the competition, simply don’t submit your child’s artwork. Plain and simple. Your children can still create illustrations to go along with the book, which you can proudly hang on the fridge.

Here’s one entry!

What do you think? Is having your illustration included in one of Rowling’s books the opportunity of a lifetime for a child, or an exploitative move that’s being passed off as a good deed?

Let us know in the comments!