I miss watching commercials. Okay, maybe some commercials. Not all commercial. Not even most commercials.

Let me explain.

Most people watch ad-steaming services or their DVR, so commercial viewing is pretty much nil. It can be great for a lot of reasons… but we do end up missing some real gems.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Except for during the holidays. Holiday commercials are part of what gets me in the festive mood. They help me cling to the Christmas Spirit, even after Christmas ends, in the cold, cold heart of winter – especially those heart-wrenching commercials that make you sob. Compelling advertising, amirite?

Like this Bouygues ad. Watch and see how life comes full circle.

Bouygues’ adorably cute commercial hits the spot. Who doesn’t LOVE a dad bonding with his son? I mean, hello, bursting ovaries over here. Okay… TMI. I know.

How about this round up of cute commercials from the 80s?

And this one from Coke is TRULY epic. It’s almost 3 minutes long!

Are you on Santa’s naughty list this year? Probably not. Because we all deserve a break.


Kohl’s reminds you to give with all your heart!


Remember this heartwarmer from Campbell’s soup?

Ahhh…. soup on a cold day.

Alright, so those are the adorable commercial spots we could find. Do you have any that you’ve loved over the years? It’s time to share!

Drop a link in the comments or you can just tell us about them. Either works.

Have a very merry holiday season, fam!