Fact: people are annoying and they’re always going to do things that bother you. There’s just really no way around it.

So you can choose to ignore it or let it eat away at you, like I do…I’m working on it, okay?

What do other people do that really bothers you?

Let’s take a look at how folks on AskReddit responded to this question.

1. A lot of this going around.

“When people talk obsessively about themselves. Have you ever been trapped in a convo where the person just non stop talks about themselves?

It’s not a conversation. It’s glorified campaign boost for the other person.

I hate that!”

2. Tons of bad drivers out there.

“Cut people off while driving and fail to use their turning signal.

Not only is it dangerous and increases the chance of an accident, but it also requires very little effort to not do.”

3. I know everything!

“Assuming they are right without any evidence/reason to believe they are right except them being the ones that said it.”

4. Please wash your hands.

“Not washing your hands after using a public bathroom really bugs the shit outta me.

Especially in places where we touch a lot of things (casino, hotel, restaurant).”

5. Be respectful.

“Disrespect things that don’t belong to them.

We should be trying to leave things better than we found them but instead people are so self absorbed.”

6. Really gross.

“Chew with their goddamn mouth open.

The sounds! The teeth sucking, the tongue slapping…just shoot me.”

7. Who can I trust?

“People talk bad about each other all the time at my work.

It makes it so uncomfortable to try to be pleasant and social because I feel like I can’t trust anyone. ?”


“Not using headphones in public.

At physical therapy or a gym with other people? Time to watch that football game on full volume. At a restaurant? Time to FaceTime your relatives!

At the airport? Better give your toddler your iPad to watch those kids shows with annoying sound effects, also at full blast because why not?”

9. So rude.

“Take pleasure in making someone else feel embarrassed or ashamed.

I don’t care if someone makes a bone-headed move; I want to help them fix it or learn better. It seems like it takes a special kind of insecure sadist to mock people for making a mistake.”

10. Litterbugs are the worst.

“Throw garbage on the street.

Or in nature. I love to take strolls through the forest but the amount of trash in there really doesn’t make it easy to enjoy sometimes.”

11. Be courteous.

“Walking in massive groups on sidewalks and jogging paths.

I get that you wanted to walk together as a whole group but please understand people are behind you trying to get by.”

12. I see this CONSTANTLY.

“Let their kids run wild and disrupt everyone else because you can’t be bothered to tell them no.

My neighbor: She has three kids and they can be heard running around and screaming at all hours. Had to call our courtesy officer a couple nights ago at 3:30 am.”

13. So lazy.

“Not putting shopping carts back.

The worst is when they are left smack dab in a parking space!”

14. Constant interruptions.

“Assuming what I’m going to say and interrupt me before I’m even halfway through my sentence.

My wife does this.

“Oh hey, I was going to tell you, this weekend-”

“Yeah, your Mom wants us to come visit.”

“No, let me finish. This wee-”

“Oh! Yeah, we need to go grocery shopping this weekend.”

“Fuck it. You go grocery shopping with my mom, I’ll take Jim this weekend to eat at that restaurant you keep wanting to try.”

It’s literally the only thing we fight about. She can’t shut her mouth long enough to let me finish my sentences.”

15. It’s pretty easy, people.

“Put things back where they go.

Clean things you got dirty.

If you open it, shut it. You turned it on, turn it off.

That’s all it takes to keep a nice clean organized area that everyone can enjoy.”

Now it’s time to take some deeeeeeeep breaths…

Ahhh, that’s better.

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