I’m gonna go first

Things that really get on my nerves include bad drivers, people who play loud music in public and don’t wear headphones, folks who are rude to waiters…did I mention bad drivers?

And now we’re gonna dig into what other people think about this!

Folks took to AskReddit to talk about what really annoys them.

Go ahead and check them out.

1. On second thought…

“When someone asks me to do something I was already about to do.

It’s an immature response, but it always makes me want to refuse to do it.”

2. NO!

“When I’m the designated driver and my passengers offer other people lifts home.”

3. A big one.

“People who are rude to retail and service workers.

They are getting paid like s**t to take s**t all day long.”

4. The cycle.

“I’m sleepy during the day up until I have to go to bed.

Then the cycle repeats and I end up sleep deprived.”

5. So rude.

“Someone not saying thank you for something that benefited them

I grew up in a household where appreciation was super important. We offered thanks for every small or large gift, and made sure that folks knew we were grateful for their efforts

I remember digitally scanning a friend’s entire sketchbook, compiling it into a PDF and sending it to them, and all I got was “Cool”. Never saw that friendship the same way since.”

6. A lot of this going around.

“High school dropouts who think they are smarter than doctors and scientists because they fell down a Youtube rabbit hole.”

7. Annoying.

“When something is rattling around in the car.

Coins and cans (or the combo of the 2) can be super annoying!”

8. Weirdos.

“People who are always intense and extremely opinionated but absolutely go apes**t if they have to interact with someone exactly like them.”

9. Aggravating.

“My mother in law repeats what she’s saying at least 5 times until someone acknowledges what she has said.

We aren’t ignoring her but she says the most random nonsense just to get a rise out of someone.

I could say the sky is blue and she will rant and repeat that it isn’t until someone agrees or acknowledges it.”

10. Absolutely.

“People who use speakerphone in public full volume holding the phone against their head.

Similarly, people that do the same with Bluetooth speakers.”

11. Out of my way.

“People that walk slowly in the middle of the walk way.

Additionally, people who walk in groups and refuse to adapt to let people pass.”

12. That’s not how you win.

“People who think speaking/shouting louder than the other person counts as winning a debate.

13. Not fun.

“Arguments between my future mother in law and sister in law are EXHAUSTING.

Neither of them seem to realise that they butt heads so much because they are incredibly alike: opinionated, stubborn, and contentious.

They each like arguing in a weird way but complain that the other person likes arguing…”

14. Drives me crazy.


I’ve never wanted to punch someone in the face more than the anonymous people who toss bags of trash onto the side of the freeway.

I’ve never punched someone truly, but I wouldn’t stop until I felt brain.”

15. Get a life.

“People who shove their views in your face, and get mad if you don’t agree.

Why do they care that much?”

16. Grossed out.

“People chewing with their mouth open.

It pi**es me off more than anything else in the world, especially when a grown adult is doing it.

If you are old enough to wipe your own a**, you’re old enough to know better than to smack your lips together when you’re eating.”

17. The worst.

“People that talk all the time and have no courtesy for others or awareness that their incessant whining is frustrating to those around them.”

18. What day is it?

“Might seem petty but I can’t stand seeing people ask the most easy google searchable questions on Facebook. “Does anyone know what time Walmart closes?”.

You could find that out in 5 seconds of some search. “Does anyone have any thoughts on such and such? Is it worth it?”. Go look it up and literally read the reviews. That s**t is so annoying.

I saw someone the other day ask a stupid question, and someone literally linked google.com in the comments and I was yessssss.”

19. Oh, boy…

“Narcissistic exes with a victim complex who complain about narcissists with victim complexes but don’t ever pick up on the irony.”

20. No consideration.

“When I’m on an escalator, and the person in front of me reaches the end and starts walking EXTREMELY slowly while staring at their phone.

Zero consideration for whoever is behind them. I’m about to collide into you and… well bad things happen!

You have only yourself to blame if I kick you on the ground and walk you over. I cannot let the person behind me suffer the same fate.”

21. Back up.

“When standing in line the person behind you stands so close you can feel their presence and or breath cause they think lines move faster the closer they get to the front.”

22. Are we adults yet?

“When me and my generation are still seen as “the kids”

The oldest of us turned 40 this year. Many of us have children and are raising them in a time fraught with uncertainty, while being told we are the entitled privileged generation.

A place at the adult table would be nice.”

23. Oops.

“When someone of the opposite s** you thought was your friend, deletes you when you get into a relationship. You kinda feel like an idiot for even thinking friendship was all they wanted but also they didn’t even say anything.

I get if it’s difficult to be friends with someone you have feelings for but I find it immensely petty, if you didn’t shoot your shot, what do you expect?

People aren’t mind readers, now you’ve made that person feel like c**p because they don’t think they’re even worthy of your friendship and they feel like they’ve done something wrong.

Say how you feel people!”

24. The gatekeepers.

“When people are gatekeepers.

For example, nerds acting like girls can’t be gamers because they’re trying to take their “thing” not understanding these things don’t belong to them

People do it with movies and music, other hobbies, fan bases with their shows, gatekeeping ie so dumb and pathetic and defeats the purpose of even having communities devoted to a thing.”

Okay, now it’s your turn.

Tell us what really grinds your gears.

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