You probably don’t need me to tell you that it’s not easy growing up poor. Especially if you grew up poor.

My family’s never been wealthy but we did alright. The times when everything was the tightest, I was too young to remember now.

Nevertheless, I’ve had plenty of “broke food” experiences, which is a topic that came up a lot after prolific TV actor Trevor Donovan started this thread:

So, what were we all chowing down on when there was nothing to go around? Twitter tells all.

10. The sugar sandwich

Need the recipe? Bread + sugar. Bon apple teeth.

9. Banquet frozen dinners

Check out that price stamp. Half a buck. Dang.

8. King Vitaman

I don’t know what kind of land you’re ruling, sire, but it definitely isn’t Flavor Town.

7. The flexibility of bread

“I didn’t know I was poor.”

6. Beans and rice

Well that’s…horrifying.

5. Pork and beans sandwiches

Dude, broke or not, that’s a delicious fart treat right there.

4. The cheese preserver

I feel like there are better containers for this but ok.

3. S.O.S.

Who doesn’t love Kool Aid though?

2. A krafty choice

Even adult me who isn’t destitute is lookin’ at that like a fine meal.

1. Government cheese

Everything is better grilled.

Bon apetite!

What’s your go-to broke food?

Tell us in the comments.