Relationships are really hard and they take a lot of work.

We all know that.

And sometimes, when you’re in the early stages of dating a person, the little things they do really annoy you and make you question why you’re with them in the first place.

That’s when some folks decide enough is enough and they end the whole thing altogether…even if it’s over something extremely petty.

Which is bad for the person getting dumped, but great for those of us watching from afar!

Enjoy these tales of woe…but be nice, because this might be you someday…

1. No ketchup allowed.

This is blasphemy.

2. Ruined the whole thing.

Sorry about that…

3. Too much chaos.

Can’t follow the rules.

4. That’s all you need to know.

Time for you to leave, sir.

5. Some issues going on here…

He might want to go talk to someone…

6. Wetter than I would like.

Might need to work on that.

7. Too controlling.

Good thing you’re out of that situation.

8. A terrible idea.

You can’t trust those people!

9. What a psycho.

You should’ve kept dating him just for the stories.

10. I can’t take this!

This is very strange.

11. Soooooo, you have a drinking problem?

And you’re also not trying to hide it?

12. Of all the movies to watch…

He picked that one?

13. I’m gonna puke!

Annnnnd, we’re done!

14. That would drive me nuts.


Now we want to hear your stories!

In the comments, tell us all about your bad breakups.

We won’t judge you…too much.

Okay, let’s get it started! We love this stuff!