You can never underestimate the stupidity of some people…especially in the workforce.

I’m sure you’ve been there at some point in your working life when you’ve been reprimanded for something on the job that was just totally absurd.

See if they are as good as these gems.

1. How stupid is this?

Pretty stupid!

2. That doesn’t sound like too many to me…

Get over yourself!

3. Don’t sign it!

Hold your horses!

4. Not doing anything wrong.

You can’t say that!

5. Not making this up.

Sounds like a real genius.

6. We only show one film in this shop!

It’s a good movie, but jeez…

7. Not a minute less.

And not a minute more.

8. Let’s see the whole list.

This is just weird.

9. You did the right thing.

This is ridiculous.

10. Get a life.

Some people…

11. How dare you!

You’re in trouble now.

How about you?

Did you ever get in trouble at work for something stupid?

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