I’m willing to admit that I have some pretty bad habits.

And the worst one is that I need to eat better.

I’ve made a lot of progress over the past several years, but sometimes I just gotta treat myself to something that I know isn’t good for me.

But we all have things like that, right?

AskReddit users admitted the unhealthy things they do.

Let’s take a look.

1. Yikes.

“Not showering, not brushing teeth, getting Dabs constantly, binge drinking, spending hundreds online.”

2. Bad all around.

“Staying up till 4 am

Not drinking enough water

Eating unhealthy

Not exsercising.”

3. Vices.

“I drink al**hol, partake in other vices.

Obviously, officially it’s unhealthy. I get that. No one should *EVER* drink al**hol or partake in any drug/vice. That’s obvious.

But life is too short to life a boring, milquetoast lifestyle. Vices, when done in moderation, can be really fun and be a bright spot in your life!

So I know it’s unhealthy, but you bet your a** I’ll get dr**k with my friends at my wedding, or at a party. You bet your a** I’ll have a few cocktails on vacation.

It’s officially not good for humans to drink al**hol, but I don’t care. In moderation the negatives are rather mild.”

4. I’ll be in bed.

“Laying down in bed. Especially since pandemic.

Working from home = working from bed. Can’t go do anything cause it’s the 6th lock down?

You guessed it, staying in bed.”

5. Probably overdoing it.

“S**ke weed everyday. It just makes me feel lazy sometimes.

Especially when me and my girlfriend want to do something but then we get stoned and don’t wanna get out of bed.”

6. Too much fizz.

“Probably having a lot of fizzy drinks.

I feel as if I should cut down on them but I just don’t really like water or tea.

Which is probably the healthier option.”

7. Beer.


I have a great local brewery nearby and I have made a lot of friends there. I don’t drink a lot per visit, but I do visit a lot more often than I should.

I am not really a big bar person, but the social aspect is very attractive. I also spend more time on social media than I should.”

8. Turn it down.

“Listening to music with headphones and with the volume cranked up quite a bit.

I’m slowly learning to listen to music with way lower volume though.”

9. Some work to do.

“Not enough sleep/terrible sleeping schedule, constantly checking my phone, being a picky eater, bite my nails, overthink, spend money unwisely.”

10. That’s really bad.

“Text and drive.

I’m a therapist. Every day on the way to work, I text all my patients to confirm their appts.

It would take 2 minutes before I leave or after I arrive. It’s so unhealthy and dangerous.

I Have. To. Stop.”

11. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

“Drinking soda and vaping.

I just can’t stop.”

12. Old habits.

“Bologna sandwiches for lunch too often.

Wouldn’t be so bad but I discovered how good freshly sliced bologna from the deli is compared to that nostalgic Oscar Meyer garbage I grew up with.”

13. Gotta work on that.

“Not properly recovering from workouts And sitting around too much.

Theres no in between. Im either out their running/lifting full send and then I immediately sit. Completely f**ks the body up.

Recovery is so important to the body but I just look at my couch and see how comfy it is and its all over.”

14. Come on!

“I know I should wear sunscreen when I’m going to be outside for small chunks of time, but I’m just not willing to spend all that time lathering my skin.”

15. Uh oh.

“Eat when I’m bored.


I am eating a box of Cheeze Its right now.”

16. Put it down for a while.

“Getting on my phone at bedtime until the early hours of the morning / falling asleep.

Can’t be alone with my thoughts….”

17. Slow down!

“Tobacco, weed, al**hol, junk food.

And a healthy dose of self loathing…”

18. It’s important.

“I definitely don’t get enough sleep.

I could go to bed earlier.

But it’s the only time I get to myself sometimes.”

19. Not good for you.

“Computer at work, computer at home…

I mean the computer part is completely fine, it’s the all day sitting every single day.”

20. Cheese addict.

“My cheese addiction is so bad that we now have “backup cheese” stored in the fridge in the locked shed.”

21. Follow the light.

“I don’t wear my glasses when using my phone or PC (like I’m supposed to).

I’m dreading my next optometrist appointment.”

22. Might be time to turn it around.

“Eat junk food way too often.

Smoke too much weed.

Eating before going to bed.

Too much TV / Computer.

Not being active enough, I can’t seem to get back into my healthy gym habit.

Drinking too much coffee.

Not brushing my teeth before bed.

Staying at home way too often (Social life is slowly d**ng since I turned 30+, not good for mental health).


23. Not good.

“Eating waaaay too much because I love food.

And also staying on my phone watching tik tok until 2am when I have to be up for work at 6am.”

24. Making progress.

“I s**ke 2 or 3 ci**rettes every evening.

Weed during week ends if I have some.

I use to s**ke way way more so, overall, it’s a bit better.”

25. Pretty bad.

“Drinking al**hol.

It’s a terrible drug when you really think about it, but it’s both the easies and the only legal option where I live if you want to be anything other than sober.”

26. Energy drinks.

“My vice is the Purple Monster Ultra Violet.

Finding it hard to get right now with the shortage of aluminum cans.”

27. Bread fiend.

“Eating bread.

My body has some bad triggers when it comes to carbs, but I just can’t seem to stop making delicious homemade bread. Just did a roasted garlic and cheddar loaf this morning. Will do some rolls to go with the roast tomorrow.

I love bread. Too much.”

Now it’s your turn.

In the comments, tell us what you do that’s unhealthy.

Hey, we won’t judge you!