It’s a fact of life that you’re not going to like the same things at age 15 that you will when you’re 40.

And then, when you’re 65, you’ll have even more different loves and interests. Life is fun like that, so just embrace it, right?

And sometimes, we end up really loving something when we’re older that we hated as kids.

Let’s check out these stories from AskReddit users about their own changing tastes.

1. Good stuff!

“Fruit. My parents were pretty good about getting me vegetables, but I was in college before I ate an entire apple. And now I have one almost every day.

The other is black coffee. Needed to have some heavy amount of cream and sugar.

One day my dad and I were at a thing and I reached for the sugar to put in my coffee and my dad goes, “You’re not actually putting sugar in your coffee, are you?”

And I go, “Psh. No. Heh.” and suffered through that first cup before discovering that I actually enjoyed it.”

2. All kids hate that.

“Stay in your room.

No going out.

No meeting with friends.

I only have to work 3-4 days a week. If I’m not at work I’m alone with zero human contact. I love it.”

3. The little things.

“When somebody gives me something like socks or a card for Christmas, it means the world to me. Kid me would be like wtf it’s not a toy but adult me is like “oh wow, the softness i love these socks.”

Plus I value the fact that someone took the time at all to even write me a card.”

4. New tastes.

“Bitter tastes.

I love dark chocolate, beer, coffee, etc…

I couldn’t stand any of those as a kid.”

5. You need ’em!


I wore them once as a kid because I had to (think we were doing a family photo that dya or something) and thought they were too abrasive and uncomfortable.

Now they’re practically the only pants I wear besides leather ones because they just look too d*mn hot.

In fact just dressing elaborately in general. Hated looking too “nice” as a kid but now I love it when people notice my fashion choices.

Also, unrelated but I had a phobia of succulent plants. I thought they were creepy and gross as a kid but now I love them.”

6. Nice and fresh.


When you have to cook on your own/buy meals you really start appreciating that ‘fresh’ food taste.”

7. Silence is golden.

“Sitting in silence.

Kids feel the need to talk constantly and it’s so nice to just not talk and not listen to anyone else talk.

Also bleu cheese.”

8. That’s a good thing!


As a kid, being asked to run a mile in gym class was torture.

As an adult, I now pay to participate in races as long as 50k in distance.”

9. I love them!

“Brussels Sprouts. Your hear so much sh*t about them from kids’ shows, but they’re delicious.

Baking them for like 15 minutes to get the outside crunchy, then tossing in vinegar, honey and oil.

Amazing! Try it!”

10. Bring it on!


Used to hate them and everything about them.

Can hardly have a sandwich or burger without them now.”

11. Yummy.


Mushrooms are the besttt.

Mushroom ravioli, mushroom pasta, mushrooms in stir fries, mushroom omelets… amazing.”

12. I feel this one!


I feel accomplished afterwards.

I think I know why. As a kid (with 4 people in the house), emptying/loading the dishwasher sucked, vacuuming, setting/cleaning up the dinner table, all was bullsh*t. It wasn’t my mess!

I didn’t use all those dishes, I didn’t track all that dirt in the house! But as an adult, if the sink has any dishes, if you can hear the vacuum picking stuff up, if there’s a splash of coffee dried on the counter, that’s my mess. I did that. I should clean that up.

And after a long week of not keeping up with things, it feels great to have empty laundry hampers, all the dishes clean and put away, clean floor to walk barefoot on, and shiny clean counters to spill coffee on.”

13. It’s an addiction.


I couldn’t stand it as a child, I even didn’t like it on pizza.

Now I’m almost addicted to cheese, I can’t live without it.”

14. Freshen up!

“Taking a shower.

I used to hate it as a child, now I love it. Feel gross? Take a shower. Feel sad? Take a long hot shower with music playing.

Also, taking a cold(ish) shower on a hot day to cool you down can be so invigorating.”

15. So many good ones.


I thought they were a waste of time honestly and just felt like 30-45 minutes of blabbering.

I really have a passion for them now, it’s interesting for me to hear about some infamous serial killer or the history behind famous industries.”

How about you?

What are some things you hated as a kid but love as an adult?

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