I’ve gone on the record many times about this topic, but I feel like I have to do it again…


I want to scream it from the mountaintop so everyone in the world knows! I have a feeling you might feel the same way that I do since you’re here to look at these great photos that people shared on Twitter of their dogs as puppies and those same pooches all grown up.

Let’s take a look at these beautiful doggos!

1. Gettin’ biiiiiiiig.

Almost too big to hold!

2. This one is great.

That’s a HUGE pooch.

3. Still holding on to Dad.

For now, at least.

4. A happy old doggo.

Snoozing his days away.

5. Double trouble.

They’ll be friends forever!

6. Gimme a kiss.

They grow up so fast!

7. That was fast!

And she’s all dressed up!

8. What a great dog!

These two make a good pair, don’t you think?

9. Best friends forever.

It’s always cool to see kids grow up with dogs.

10. Can’t hold him anymore.

It might take two or three people to do that job.

11. A cute pooch!

All grown up!

12. I love Dalmations.

Great dogs!

13. Finn the Aussiedoodle.

What a good-looking pup!

14. A big boy now.

But still a goofy pooch.

How about you?

Do you have a lovable pooch at home?

If so, please share a pic with us in the comments!