I grew up in a pretty hectic household. There were seven of us under one roof and, as you can probably imagine, there was a whole lot of thievery going on between the three boys and two girls.

It was like a cage match. I steal from you, you steal from her, he steals from me…the game just went on and on and on…and our parents were too busy to get involved in our shenanigans so it was up to work it out and bring each other justice…and sometimes it got ugly.

But it was also a lot of fun! At least I remember it that way when I look back on it…

If you have siblings, these funny tweets about stealing from each other might look very familiar…

1. I’ll take that!

Thank you very much!

2. That was not cool.

Not cool at all…

3. I’d still be mad, too!

How could you?!?!

4. Let’s keep this somewhere safe.

Away from your dirty, prying hands.

5. It took her a while to catch on, huh?

She was a little bit slow on the uptake.

6. It may be minor, but I’m still impressed.

Good on you!

7. She probably didn’t mind too much.

All I’m saying is that most kids don’t really enjoy broccoli.

8. This is classic.

What happened to that creepy clown doll?


9. I hope you paid her back in EPIC fashion.

We need to have a little talk…


10. None of this stuff looks familiar, does it?

These gifts are from me to you…with love.


11. I would be annoyed at the inventory, too.

This sounds like an intense sibling relationship.

What’s the weirdest or funniest thing you’ve ever stolen from a sibling?

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