Stuck between the privileged oldest and the babied youngest, middle kids are in the unique position  of forging their own role in the family. While living in the median could be annoying at times, there might have been some surprising advantages. Scroll through these ten things all middle children know are true.

1. All milestones are based on your older sibling’s maturity and not your own

Wearing make-up, driving to school, later curfews and other responsibilities have little to do with you and more with how well your sister or brother handled it.

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2. Middle children learn excellent negotiation skills

If you grew up in the middle, you had to make your voice be heard over the bossiness of your older sibling and the whining of your younger one.

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3. You’re often referred to as either someone’s little brother or sister, or older brother or sister

It’s like people forget you have your own name.

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4. Middle kids thrive under pressure

They aren’t as hard on themselves and are less likely to get diagnosed with emotional disorders.

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5. The middle child usually has to share a bedroom

Whether it’s with the oldest or the youngest, you didn’t get your own space until the oldest moved out.

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6. Middles go with the flow

Parents have loosened up by the time you came along and you weren’t babied like the youngest.

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7. You have the perspective of both the oldest and the youngest siblings

Meaning, you’re pretty good at reading people.

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8. You learn parenting skills

While the oldest was out doing her own thing, you were left in charge of the youngest giving you a head start on parenting.

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9. You can (sparingly) add drama when it’s needed

You’re secret weapon to be heard over the oldest and the youngest was your flair for drama, but only when necessary.

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10. Middle kids are open to trying new things

You had to learn to be inventive and you didn’t shy away from trying a new skill.

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Yeah, we middles had to share everything and got the hand-me-downs, but we also learned diplomacy and assertiveness. We middle kids didn’t have it so bad after all. Next Thanksgiving, bring this list up and see what your sibs have to say.

On second thought, maybe we should keep it to ourselves. You know how they can get.