I’m just gonna say it…

I don’t have kids, but I think people who use their children on social media to get likes and try to become “influencers” are honestly kind of crazy.

But a lot of people out there think it’s wholesome and cute…and that’s just plain weird to me.

AskReddit users talked about what is considered wholesome but are actually toxic.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Really bad.

“Glorifying feeding animals into obesity.

“But I love them!”

Margie if you loved your dog you’d feed it properly rather than free feeding it dry food and giving it a can of wet food in the morning with three kinds of dog treats shoved in it.

It doesn’t pant because it’s hot it pants because it’s twenty pounds overweight.”

2. A shame.

“Teachers working overtime/sacrificing for their students/fundraising for anything/etc. Most news articles that hit national headlines about teachers are toxic as f**k.

“Student raises money for his former teacher found living in a car.”

“Principal works 2nd job to help homeless students have clean clothes and food.””

3. Some folks need to go.

“The expectation to keep your family members in your life no matter what they do.

Some people have families that treat them like absolute s**t, and being related to them isn’t a good reason to keep them around.

It’s ok to cut off toxic family members.”

4. Yuck.

“Instagram “influencers” promoting their “amazing” healthy lifestyles.

But in reality mostly staged/photoshopped and exacerbating mental illness, body issues, anxiety in young people.”

5. Just plain sad.

“Any viral story about some kid selling s**t to pay for a relative’s healthcare.

Shouldn’t be a thing.

I just read a story about a child the age of 10 having to pay for her chemo via a lemonade stand.”

6. Martyrs.

“The “martyr mom” idea that you have to sacrifice 100% of your life for your kids.

Absolutely parenting takes sacrifices, but I have seen some people act like they can’t do ANYTHING for themselves anymore because they have children.

For example, a woman I work with ended up with a half day at work while her kids were at school so she had 3-4 hours of unexpected free time. I suggested she got get a mani-pedi or something else fun for just her.

She told me “I could never do that, I have kids!” Lady, your kids are safely at school and this is found time. It doesn’t make you a better parent to neglect yourself, especially when it isn’t even necessary.

You don’t have to be puke covered, unshowered, and unhappy to be a good parent.”

7. Hustlin’.

“Hustle culture.

What? You aren’t grinding yourself into a fine red paste at your job, coming in early, leaving late, working weekends, and paying for your own training?

What do you mean you don’t have a side hustle and passive incomes? Are you even trying? Haven’t you found your purpose and started a business yet? What are you even doing?


8. Drives me nuts.

“Social media posts of people sharing their “good deed” or “act of kindness”.

Especially when it’s some annoying elaborate thing that completely ignores existing social supports (like collecting and then handing out food donations instead of oh, idk, REGULARLY SUPPORTING THE FOOD BANK) or they just give money to a “poor” person and then force that person to pose with them.

Or worse – film them.”

9. Wow.

“All those fake animal rescue videos on YouTube.

I once saw one where the person put baby ducks inside oil in which the ducklings were all covered with it, and they couldn’t move.

Then she “rescued” those ducks. Shameful.”

10. Seems wasteful.

“Corporations who spend $50 million on ads to tell you about the amazing $1 million they spent on a charity program.”

11. Vlogging.

“Family vlogging.

Case in point, the Ballinger family.

The Mom was looking for a specific picture she’d posted of one of the kids a few years ago and there were more than a few fans who came forward and shared it with her.

Weird to be saving pictures of children who aren’t your own.”

12. Creepy.

“Using your child for likes on social media.

That’s creepy.

I never understood why would any parent do that.”

13. Not healthy for them.

“Unfortunately, many people do think that feeding their pets on demand is loving them.

The rationale tends to be that depriving pets of food at any given time is neglecting or abusing them.

One of my aunts thought this way with her previous pup and had a significant wake-up call when said dog’s vet told her that he had weight issues and other concerns once he reached his middle years because she was overfeeding him.

She was, understandably, upset and has since realized the value of scheduled feedings.”

14. Totally toxic.

“Kids having lemonade stands to pay for cancer treatment, etc.

Any of those stories about children working to pay for a family member’s medical costs, pay off their friends’ school lunch debt, etc. is absolutely NOT wholesome.

That is not something a child should have to worry about.”

15. Gross.

“As a former homeless person, I can’t put into words how annoying the people who film themselves handing out food for a viral video with some emotional pop song overlaid on it are.

It’s 100% “look at me, look how cool and HELPFUL I am” while honestly not giving a real d**n about the homeless.

It’d be one thing if you’re putting your fame and money back into funding a shelter, or true change and volunteering and charity efforts but not just dropping $20 on some McDonalds meals to drive around LA filming strangers sleeping on the street for a bit.”

16. Outdated.

“Dating advice that includes relentlessly pursuing a woman who has made it clear that she doesn’t like you.

Lot of the blame for this is old rom coms that basically show that stalking a woman will always end up with love.”

17. Stressful for animals.

“Every so often I’ll see a ‘cute wildlife’ photo that is very obviously staged, probably to the stress of the animal/s in question.

It’s absolutely fu**ed up, but because people keep sharing them on social media, some a**holes out there will keep on essentially torturing animals just so we can go ‘Awww!’.””

18. Run for it!

“”We’re all just one big family!”

If anyone tells you this in a workplace setting, run.

They’re only like a family in the sense of the most toxic parts of one that exploit you.”

19. Not always a good thing.

“Supporting someone no matter what choices they make.

You can love someone to the ends of the earth, that doesn’t mean they will 100% be right all of the time, no matter how much you love or admire them.”

20. Can it!

““Good Vibes Only” postings.

Let people experience real emotions, Sarah, not insta-perfect emulations of surfer chill.”

21. Very weird.

“Proposing in front of a crowd.

Puts a lot of pressure on the person being proposed to.”

22. People can be upset.

“Toxic positivity.

Like when someone’s having a really hard time and you tell them to stay positive or try to look at the bright side.”

23. Sad state of affairs.

“School fundraisers.

If the government can’t give schools enough funds, then everything is wrong.”

24. Agreed!

“The general idea our society and culture have of “relationship goals”.

Not being able to eat/sleep/think/function without your partner is not healthy.

Being obsessed with your partner is not healthy.

Looking to your partner to complete you or make you feel whole is not healthy.

Changing who you are for your partner is not healthy.

Looking to your partner as the person who is responsible for your happiness is not healthy.

Being two people, supporting each other’s goals and individuality is healthy.”

25. Annoying.

“When people who are super spiritual and love love love all the time judge and ridicule you for not being in a good mood or for needing space.

“You’re ruining the vibe” “this isn’t a hostile environment”- gaslighting is wrong and these people do it ALL THE TIME! I call them “the love police”.”

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