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AskReddit users discussed what people say is bad for you but they think is actually good.

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1. We all need it.

“Alone time.

I’ve had countless times when I found myself alone and wanted to do so.

It is perfect when you need to reflect on yourself and your life and find some answers.”

2. A good thing.

“Going to the Psychologist.

Fortunately, many people are starting to open their minds to it.”

3. Release.

“S** and mast**bation.

You can avoid a lot of health issues by doing those.

It also helps a lot with depression and anxiety as it releases a lot of endorphine and dopamine.”

4. Works for some people.

“Being single.

Not being attached/responsible for other human lives gives you the ultimate freedom to risk it all and do what you actually want.”

5. Bring on the salt.


It’s one of the most common electrolytes that people consume, and in the case of those with iodine-deficiency, iodized salt is a safe effect way to supplement iodine into your diet, and prevent goiter. Salt often gets vilified, because it can, but not necessarily will, elevate your blood pressure.

Electrolytes are necessary for the electrochemical processes in your body to operate. Not enough electrolytes can cause organ, nerve, and metabolic dysfunction, leading to coma, seizure, and cardiac arrest.

The misconception is that salt causes high blood pressure/hypertension, which is false. A possible effect of consuming salt is a temporary elevation of blood pressure.

Doctors recommended following a low-sodium/salt diet, if you already have hypertension or if you’ve undergone heart surgery, because they don’t want you to risk increasing stress on an already stressed heart, or unnecessarily stressing a recovering heart.”

6. Time to relax.

“Not being busy. Not constantly hustling or trying to do it all.

Not living for the weekend.

Down time can be a good thing.”

7. Take it easy.

“Not sanitizing everything.

If you sanitize every surface you touch, it destroys your immune system, as well as causing issues due to the chemicals used to sanitize things.

Just wash your hands, counters, and other surfaces when they’re dirty, or after sickness.

Use normal soap, and it’s all good.”

8. Gotta have a balance.

“Taking a break from exercise every now and then to focus on my mental health.

Being mentally fit is more important to me than being a gym fiend.”

9. We all fail.


I used to get punished for failure as a kid. Bad grades? Punished. Made any kind of mistake? Punished.

This is a horrible way to raise a kid because instead of learning to try until you succeed, or ask for help when you can’t succeed without it, they lie and cover up failure to avoid punishment.”

10. Gotta face it.

“Feeling painful emotions instead of distracting yourself from them.

Yeah, it’s not good to face them all of the time, but ignoring them all of the time isn’t really good either.”

11. It’s necessary sometimes.

“Quitting or knowing when to quit.

This one, 10/10. I just quit a job that shattered my mental and physical health. It was the competitive, well-paying “dream job” that I wanted more than anything when I was just starting out in my field.

Left it all behind for complete uncertainty, but an uncertain future is better than a certain and miserable future. As scary as it was (and is), quitting was the best and bravest thing I’ve ever done.

Not sure where I’m heading, but I know what I’m choosing to leave behind, and I know I don’t want to go back in that direction–and that’s a good enough start. 🙂 Take care of your current selves and take care of your future selves, quitting can be an act of courage.”

12. Let it all out.


It’s very healthy and a natural reaction to emotions but people think it makes them weak and vulnerable.”

13. In moderation.

“Fat, as in in food products.

You still shouldn’t just gorge yourself on fattening foods, but our bodies can process regular fat in food. What it can’t process is the insane amounts of sugar that’s in practically everything, which is what makes people fat.

Your body doesn’t know what to do with it, so it just stores it away as the blubber we all cry about.”

14. The good stuff!

“Coffee, as long as you’re not packing it with a s**tload of sugar and cream and as long as you don’t have the genetic variant which causes your body to metabolize caffeine poorly.

There’s even been some robust meta-analyses on the subject.”

15. Only avoid it if…


People give it up thinking it makes you fat, but actually, gluten free food has more fat in it. It’s just a protein, people.

The only people who should avoid it are people who have celiac disease.”

16. Gaming.

“Playing video games.

A lot of people seem to think that video games are a waste of time and cause violent tendencies, yet this is completely wrong. Video games are actually good for both children and adults. They help improve reflexes, hand-eye coordination, improve your memory, improves focus, and other benefits as well.

While too many video games can cause bad habits and lead to adverse effects, in moderation they are good for you.”

17. Get out of it.

“Quitting a toxic relationship.

Not all but some people stay in a toxic relationship thinking that it’s the right thing to do and it might help their partner to change. No.

Leaving is actually good for the both of you.”

18. Sober is good.

“Not drinking.

People for some reason assume you can’t have fun without al**hol but me and my friends have always preferred having a chill reunion and talking over partying.

I thought a**ohol was supposed to be generally a toxic substance but apparently not drinking automatically makes you a degenerate hermit where I live.”

19. Just go easy on it.


I mean you don’t want to eat an entire block but if you shred an ounce or so over your salad or put some over your roasted vegetables it’s still good for you so long as you aren’t lactose intolerant or your doctor hasn’t told you to not eat it for some reason.

It makes vegetables more palatable and it’s a good source of calcium. It’s not completely negating the effects of eating healthy like I’ve seen some people claim, just don’t over do it and stick to the serving size since it’s a high calorie food group.”

20. MSG.

“Monosodium Glutamate (MSG/Ajinomoto)

Maybe you can’t technically say “good for you” but it’s a lot better for you than too much salt and you only need a fraction of the amount vs salt for the same amount of flavor.

The negativity associated with MSG is rooted in racism.”

21. Some people need to do it.


It’s definitely stigmatized, but it is a really good thing. Sorry, I didn’t know my ex-husband would become a raging al**holic that refused to get help.

Things were good when we got married, he always liked to drink, but he wasn’t downing a fifth every day like he was at the end. I tried to help him, but he refused any treatment or therapy.

No one deserves to just have to suffer and live with that. I am very happy I got divorced, and have never regretted it.”

22. Give it a shot.


A lot of people think it is bad for the body meanwhile there are a lot of proof that it has a lot of advantages for the body.”

23. Crack away!

“Cracking your bones.

It doesn’t cause arthritis like widely speculated and it’s just the release of gases from joints.

Chiropractors are actually great to see as they can treat back pain, migraines, whiplash and other conditions.”

24. Here we go again.


Carbs do not make you fat. Fat does not make you fat. Sugar does not make you fat.

Eating more calories than you use, day after day will make you fat. Doesn’t matter what the hell you eat.”

25. Builds character.

“Having your feelings hurt.

Obviously not on a constant 24/7 basis, but getting your feelings hurt helps you in the long run because you’ll be able to handle it better down the line, ideally.

If you’re constantly coddled and no one ever upsets you, then you step out into the real world with a very, VERY warped perspective.

And the first time you inevitably do not get respected the way you feel you deserve, you throw a childish tantrum even though you’re almost in your forties.”

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