No matter how often I’ve had to do it, I just can’t speak in public without being terrified.

It’s probably my least favorite thing to do in the entire world.

And I’m already dreading the next time I have to do it even though I can’t even imagine when that might be…

Folks on AskReddit admitted what makes them nervous no matter how many times they do it.

Let’s take a look.

1. Me, too!

“Putting my luggage in the overhead storage on a plane.

Major anxiety like “what if I’m the last person on the plane and have to run around and look for a place to put my luggage?””

2. Gotta find a good mechanic!

“Anything that has to do with my car. I have been scammed even over a simple oil change.

Even if I try to be confident, it’s very clear once I start talking that I have no clue about cars. Literally had someone quote $400 to change an air filter.

I said no because I could not afford it…. found out later how insane that quote was. Sadly that just fueled my fear.”

3. Pure dread.

“When my boss goes “can we just have a quick chat?”

My boss did that to me when I took a day off last year. Was very nervous as I knew it was important if he was asking me to chat on my personal day, and sat there nervous about it for three hours leading up to our meeting.

Turns out I was getting a promotion to manager with a nice pay raise – that day was a whirlwind of anxiety and emotions”

4. Where’s my anchor?

“Trying to mingle/start conversations in social settings where I don’t know anybody.

I always need an “anchor” at social events. Then everything is fine, I’ll talk to anyone. I need someone to go back to.”

5. Never fun.

“Job interviews.

They suck most when you really need the job. And in many cases, you can expect a high rejection rate.

I have had way more than I ever wanted to.”

6. White knuckling it.

“Driving in between two semi trucks on the freeway.

Bonus points if one or both is carrying a bunch of logs.”

7. Slow and steady.


Climbing up, I’m good.

Climbing down?

My leg muscles will have none of that. I get all wobbly and it takes me forever to awkwardly get my ordinarily functional body down even just a couple rungs.”

8. Better be careful…

“Sticking my hand inside the disposal when I drop a fork In it.

I’ve seen people telling me to unplug the disposal, how does one do that?”

9. A lot of folks do this.

“Approaching a green light that has been green too long but you are getting to the distance where you don’t know whether or not you should stop or if you can stop.”

10. Time to fake it.

“The CEO at my company used to occasionally take employees out to lunch.

He’s a really cool guy but I am really introverted and it was excruciating trying to act like I have a great personality and have ambitions and drive.”

11. Be cool.

“Driving in front of a police officer when I have no reason to be nervous.

Every single time.”

12. Be careful!

“Tuning my violin.

Ugh, when that E string snaps and whips you in the face…”

13. Who are you?

“Going to local bars when I’m not a local.

Those motherf**kers can like smell you’re not from there even if you live the town over.

They all stare at you like you’re an outsider who needs to leave. So strange.”

14. Nervewracking.

“Handling an angle grinder makes me nervous.

I have to use it frequently because of my job, but it never gets easier.”

15. Paranoid.

“Driving past/behind/in front of a cop.

I’ve got a clean record and I don’t do anything illegal but I feel like they will pull me over anyway, and I start to panic if they continue to follow me, even when on main roads.

I look back every 5 seconds to see if they turned their lights and siren on to pull me over.


16. Noooooo!

““Before we start, let’s go around the room and say a little bit about ourselves…””

17. You can’t afford these.

“Anytime I go into a bike shop I get really insecure. The last bike shop I went to I was stopped at the door by the owner.

He said, “These bikes cost between $6,000 – $9,000.”

Then he gently placed his hand and on my back and moved me back onto the sidewalk.

It was probably harmless but I felt incredibly stupid.”

18. I’m with you.

“Public speaking.

I don’t think I will ever overcome this fear.”

19. The waiting game.

“Waiting for a result.

If I even think about an exam for which the results haven’t been declared, I get a LOT of anxiety. Currently waiting for the results of a very important exam I gave in February.

My heart rate is 120 while writing this. And now I have stomach ache.”

20. Up on the roof.

“Installing Christmas lights on my house.

I work in a Level 1 trauma center and see people who have fallen from their roofs installing Christmas lights several times a year.”

21. Thankful for texting.

“Calling someone on the phone.

I’m a fairly outgoing person and I love talking to people, but I rely a lot on seeing a person’s face and observing their body language, which isn’t possible on the phone.

Voicemails are less terrible, but I still panic a little because if I mess up while leaving a message, the other person has a freaking recording of me being really awkward. I’m so thankful texting exists.”

22. Twitchy.

“When I was learning how to drive, my mother took me on the interstate for the first time.

She’s a nervous driver as is, and I wasn’t ready, and there was a lot of crying and screaming and i almost sideswiped a few cars trying not to get run over by a truck trying to merge onto the interstate.

Needless to say, even 20 years later, I’m still twitchy on the interstate occasionally.”

23. Handle with care.

“Handling my six month old. They just seem so fragile and he is just so wiggly, I am constantly paranoid that I may accidentally drop him.

To be honest almost all the steps of parenting now that I think about it, if I’m not afraid of accidentally bumping him, I am constantly worrying about what I need to do to be a good parent to him.”

24. Takes a while.

“Starting a new job, because I can’t stand the first few weeks where I don’t know what I’m doing.

But I love walking into a job after 6 months or so when I might as well own the place cause they can’t operate without me!”

25. Not a fan.

“Having blood drawn.

I have to have it done pretty regularly, blood doesn’t gross me out, and I am also covered in tattoos and have had numerous piercings..so you’d think needles wouldn’t phase me.

But something about that little needle going into my vein and sucking out the blood…I always feel a wee bit nervous when I sit down in that chair.”

26. What do I do?!?!

“Coming face to face with people in my apartment building.

After being in lockdown and working from home I’ve become covid stupid.

I’m not able to even get out a hello.”

27. Still scared.

“Driving over train tracks and bridges. It just scares me so much and I have

to cross bridges and train tracks to get to some places so that doesn’t help. Walking on them also scare me. Since I was 5 it always scared me.

I don’t know, why it just does.”

Now it’s your turn to speak up.

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