Things always get heated when peoples’ pets are involved…and you’re about to read quite a story from Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole?” page.

It features dogs, cats, and a dispute over some vet bills.

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AITA for not paying the medical bills for my neighbor’s cat?

“Let me start off by giving the details.

My backyard is completely fenced in with a metal 6 ft high fence, and so is my neighbor’s. I have a 3 year old husky, they have a cat. My dog has full 24/7 access to my backyard through the use of a doggy door for 2 years now, and we’ve had no issue before.

Every now and then my neighbor’s cat would be sitting on top of the fence and my dog would bark at it, but the cat would run off. Not really an issue.

So now we’re at the part where I’m being accused of being an a**hole, a terrible person, and my neighbor is rallying up the whole block against me.

THEIR cat came through MY doggy door. My dog was alerted within seconds and reacted way faster than I could ever. The cat did recieve some damage, but I managed to save it from my dog. I then rushed it to the neighbor’s, and I drove them to the vet (they didn’t have a car.)

Their cat was okay, hurt, but okay. I brought them home and as I was saying my goodbyes and giving my condolences, they asked about medical expenses. I have pet insurance for my own dog, so I had reassurance that I would be able to afford my own animal’s medical expenses.

I wasn’t financially prepared to handle someone else’s. And I told my neighbor this, but they told me I’m at fault because it was my dog who attacked their cat. I failed to see how it was my fault, as the animal was trespassing in my own home, and my dog was reacting because it’s territory was being infiltrated.

They said same choice words but I ended up refusing to pay by saying “I’m not paying for your cats medical bills, forget it” and I walked away. Other neighbors are now giving me dirty looks and I just don’t feel welcomed here.

I do plan on replacing my doggy door with an electronic one that will only open for my own dog, so I’m not ignoring the issue. I just don’t think I’m to blame, especially when I did what I could to help.

So, AITA?”

Hmmmm. Let’s see how people responded on Reddit.

This reader said that, while they love cats, the cat in the story entered the house so you can’t blame the dog for attacking.

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Another person argued that people who let their cats roam free are nothing but selfish and they do a lot of damage outside.

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This individual said that cats tend to terrorize their neighborhoods and that this owner only cared when bad something to their cat…while ignoring everything else it does.

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This reader said that outdoor cats are nothing but a nuisance.

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And lastly, this person basically said that if you’re gonna play with fire, sometimes you’re gonna get burned.

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