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AITA for saying my half sister can’t work for my family business?

“My mom passed when I was 4. I have two older brothers who were 6 and 7 when she passed. Our dad remarried just after my 9th birthday and had two children with his second wife.

My brothers and I are 28, 30 and 31 now. And my half sister recently turned 15. My brothers and I work with our mom’s parents. She set up a restaurant with them before she had us, and our grandparents have told us we’ll be the owners eventually. As it is we make decisions like owners.

My half sister is obsessed with being a chef. She watches all the cooking shows and wants to be famous. Recently, she has started asking if she can work at the restaurant and start to get to know the family business. She said she’d love to take over as head chef one day and her mom could be head waitress. My brothers told her she was getting way too carried away. But she got all excited. She ended up talking to our dad about working for us, he said he was okay with it as long as we were.

We’re not. What it comes down to is this is a business our mom started with her parents for us to take over some day. For our family. And none of us believe she would want our dad’s second wife or our half siblings who are nothing to her working there, and taking such a huge place in it. We know our grandparents aren’t comfortable with it either.

I’m the most gentle out of us three, so I told her that she couldn’t work for us. I encouraged her to find somewhere else to work instead. She asked me why and I told her it was a decision made by those of us who owned/ran the business. She asked me how it could be a family business if we don’t allow family to work there.

Then said how her mom should have been asked a long time ago. I told her that wouldn’t make sense since her mom isn’t related to my grandparents, the owners, and that ultimately, it’s my mom’s legacy for her children and how we’re trying to honor that. She said it was dumb and f**k how my mom would feel when she can’t even speak about it.

My dad and his wife are so p**sed we turned her down. They said she is OUR family and that should be what matters. It also brought some bitterness up about dad’s wife not being offered a place at the restaurant years ago. Seems there’s some weirdness because dad had worked alongside mom and my grandparents for a while when they were first married.


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