Do you feel like you might be a little bit out of the loop as far as what emojis the kids are using these days…and what they mean?

Maybe you have kids, or you’re a teacher, or maybe you work at a business with young Generation Z people and you get a little bit lost when they throw around emojis willy-nilly that leave you scratching your head…

Well, all of that ends today, my fellow older friends!

Because a 30-year-old woman thinks she’s figured out what Gen Z folks are really saying when they use emojis and she was nice enough to share her findings on TikTok with the world.

Let’s give it up for her in advance!

Scarlett Alexandra may be 30-years-old, but she lives in a dorm with youngsters while going to college and she laid out what those Gen Z’ers are REALLY saying with their emojis.

Here’s the first video she posted about this topic…pay attention, you might be surprised what some of these mean…

@genwhyscarlett ? #emojis #genzhumor #millennials #millennialsoftiktok #themoreyouknow ♬ original sound – Scarlett

And Alexandra even followed up with a second video where she gave folks even more insider knowledge about the emojis that Gen Z’ers are using these days.

@genwhyscarlett Gen Z Emojis Part 2! Thank you guys for following!!! #emoji #genzhumor #millennials #themoreyouknow ♬ original sound – Scarlett

Who knew?!?!

And now we want to hear from you.

What are some more emojis we need to know the true meaning of?

Educate us in the comments.

Thanks a lot!