Just like you never forget your first love, you also never forget the bully (or bullies) that you had to deal with when you were growing up.

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AITA for I telling my childhood bully (who is MtF transgender) that she will always be the “boy who bullied me”?

“When I was a in middle school, I was viciously bullied by this boy, who I’ll call Z. He spread rumors about me, called me stupid and useless every chance he got, and made school a living hell.

It’s been 12 years, and Z has since come out as MtF transgender. She messaged me over social media and asked to meet up. We went out for coffee, where she apologized for bullying me. It was along the lines of, “I’m sorry for being mean. I was young, and I was struggling with my gender identity.”

I thanked her for her apology. When she asked if she was forgiven, and I tried to avoid answering. I am still not over what she did to me. What Z did to me impacted me greatly, as I was a impressionable young girl. I struggled with self esteem for years afterwards.

Z started getting defensive. She told me that I was being petty and that I should forgive her. I told her, “Why? You will always be the boy that bullied me. An apology won’t change that.”

She got really offended when I said the word boy, and said that I was misgendering her. She called me a petty, transphobic, vindictive, and ignorant, then stormed out.


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This person said that it’s the memories that count, not what gender the individual is now.

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Another person made a good point. You don’t have to forgive people if you don’t want to. That’s completely up to each person.

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A reader made a great point and argued that the bully is STILL bullying the writer now through these actions.

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This person said that “being transgender is seen as an excuse for anything and everything…”

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