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AITA for telling my SIL no cares that she’s pregnant?

“I’m on mobile and my grammar will probably be bad because after today I needed to to get drunk.

Backstory my cousin (33f) who I’ll call mary lost her husband (32m) and two of her three children (3f) and (9months male) in a car accident last week. Her and her daughter (5) are as you would expect it’s just heartbreaking

Well today was the funeral my brother’s wife (26) announced her pregnancy the second the arrived at our house this morning we were like “ok congratulations but please keep it on the down low for today”

Well when we arrived at the church she kept making gagging sounds and robbing her stomach saying “I as a mom can’t imagine what she is going through” they have no kids so people would look at her and she’d tell them she was pregnant

Afterwards at my aunts house my sil kept making everything about her like someone’s in the bathroom sil would loudly say “pregnant lady needs to pee” She literally told my cousins sister give her, her seat so “the lady with a baby could rest her feet”

I ignored her till she came to Mary stuck out her flat belly and said “me and Issac just found out I was pregnant and honestly we are beside ourselves it could happen to us” Mary broke down

I snapped like who says that to a woman who just literally lost two babies?? I said loudly to my sil “no gives a f**k you’re pregnant look around it’s not just one but two babies funerals not to mention the love of Mary’s life like I knew you were an attention seeker but for f**k sake you took the test four days ago just leave”

She left in tears and my brother called me a fat bitter b**ch

I’ve gotten phone calls form my bother and sil family calling me the world of name because I made a pregnant woman cry

If I’m being honest even tho Mary and my aunt thanked me because it was all making her upset I feel worse about making a scene

Please put me in my place if I’m wrong.”

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