Were you able to catch the 24-hour marathon of “A Christmas Story” over the holiday? This family tradition has been around for many years and we all have our favorite scenes! Like where Ralphie “goes blind” from soap poisoning. Or the Bumpus hounds ruining Christmas dinner. Or how about when Ralphie tries on the pink bunny suit?

Whichever may be your favorite, you can’t possibly forget how badly Ralphie wanted a Red Ryder BB gun!

When this movie released in 1984, no one thought twice about giving a boy a gun especially if it was just a BB gun. But nowadays gun violence is a hot topic – and one photographer is being accused of not taking that seriously.

To celebrate Christmas this year, photographer Amy Haehl snapped a photo of a baby holding a tiny gun, dressed as Ralphie in that infamous bunny outfit. It’s pretty clear she set out to create a cute holiday scene capturing the essence of the popular film.

Even with her cute disclaimer, many people quickly and loudly proclaimed their opinions on the matter: some said they would unfollow her, others that this was a waste of talent. But Amy defended herself:

“This photo is not about a baby posed with a ‘gun’… it is about love, tradition, family, and happiness. This movie has encouraged smiles, laughter, and happiness for 35 years.”

And many others jumped in with positive thoughts, as well.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Personally, I think this photo captures one of the most iconic Christmas classics in a uniquely adorable way. What do you think?