Costco members know for a fact shopping in those giant warehouses is like a dream. From huge flat-screen televisions to gallon-size bottles of salon shampoo, Costco has it all. But while they may be headquartered in the U.S., there are international Costco warehouses that have even cooler stuff in large quantities.

Case in point, Japan. This is a country that knows about style, design and delicious food. And, they have big Costcos too!

Scroll through these 15 photos that will prove to you that Costco Japan is far better than we could ever imagine.

1. Dried gourmet mixed mushrooms

Here’s a big jar of umami for you.


2. These amazing looking sandwiches.

They look so fresh!


3. Sashimi salads

What…you can just buy these?


4. Uni and salmon roe.

Sprinkle on EVERYTHING.


5. Korean Jjigae

In a bag! Frozen! Yum!


6. Strawberry cheesecake

That doesn’t look large enough to me.


7. Chocolate Crepes.

U.S. Costco? Checkmate.


8. Braised pork rice.

Totally looks like something I would try.


9. Matcha Ice Cream.

I don’t think I can look at my churro the same way again.


10. Chirashi

Sashimi or barbecue eel over sushi rice.


11. Shiitake Mushroom Cups

Move over stupid boring potato chips.


12. Ready to Drink Wine Cocktails

It’s a margarita. It’s wine. Why don’t I have it?


13. Gougeres

Cheese pastries. I’m on board.


14. Black Truffle Sauce

Yes, please.


15. Sushi platters

Nom nom nom.


Costco opened their first warehouse in Japan in 1999 and if you ask me, they are way ahead of us. Their stores are open every day of the year with the exception of January 1. Have you tried to go to Costco on a holiday here? Do they have to be closed on Thanksgiving? Really? It’s the biggest eating day of the year.

With miles of sushi and buckets of black truffle sauce, Costco Japan is swinging for the fences in their warehouse shopping game. America, you need to pay attention.