A police officer in San Diego got more than he expected when he was called to investigate a suspected stolen vehicle.

A few weeks ago, Officer Andre Thomas discovered something unexpected when he was dispatched to a stolen car call. A yellow Labrador retriever sat, abandoned, inside the car.

In a sweet Instagram post, the City of. San Diego, gave the details about the heart-tugging meeting.


Apparently, Officer Thomas had lost his own yellow lab, Melakai, just earlier in the year. He was instantly reminded of his late buddy when he saw the stranded dog inside the car.

Melakai had made the move to San Diego from Fresno with Officer Thomas, when Thomas was 18 years old. So, the loss of his faithful companion hurt him deeply.

Thomas has been with the San Diego Police Department for about four years.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Following protocol, Thomas brought the lost lab to the San Diego Humane Society so that the owners had a chance to come claim their pet.

But, three weeks passed and no one came. Thomas was happy to return and claim the dog.

He named him Victor. The City of San Diego said, “The two have been best friends ever since.”

Photo Credit: Instagram

Those who saw the post on the city’s Instagram account were touched by this wonderful outcome.

It’s a true case of “who really rescued who?”

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