Recently, a three-year-old taught us about the power of positive thinking and we are totally feeling it.

One morning, Ayana spontaneously repeated the mantra his mother taught him when he was only two: “I am smart. I am blessed. I can do anything.”

His mother posted a short clip of him carrying his banana and stating his morning affirmation as he walked to school on Instagram.


She wrote, “So proud of the little boy he is growing into.”

The internet bowed its head in gracious appreciation. Little Ayana quickly went viral.

Journalist Yashar Ali, one of TIME’s Most Influential People on the Internet, reposted it saying, “That’s it…I’m having kids.”

Ali’s tweet received over 6 million views. People couldn’t help responding to such an adorable and positive child.

When you send out love, it comes right back to you…

Even Megan McCain, co-host of The View and daughter of the late Senator John McCain tweeted, “This child is everything!!!!”

How do affirmations work?

Scientists don’t have exact answers, but functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) evidence shows affirmations activating the reward centers of the brain. When you repeat what you expect will happen to you in the future, your brain begins to believe it.

So, if you want to skip out the door every morning, holding a banana and feeling awesome, take notes from this three-year-old guru and come up with some affirmations!