After riding out deadly Hurricane Dorian, a three-year-old was welcomed into open arms by his classmates.

Makai Simmons missed a week of school at Learning City Academy in Pembroke Pines because he was stranded with his mother, Tekara Capron, in the Bahamas as Hurricane Dorian unleashed destruction. When he returned, his whole class welcomed him with hugs.


Capron took her son to the Carribean island, where she was born and had lived until she was 19, over Labor Day weekend to visit family.

The storm was still at sea, but looked as if headed to Florida. Capron thought she would have no worries as she headed to her childhood home. But, by the time they arrived, the storm had changed trajectory and was now a category 5 hurricane set to hit the Bahamas dead on.

Capron and Makai ended up at her grandmother’s house to ride it out. When the door to the home flew off, he fearfully asked if a monster was trying to get in. “I just had to lie down and hold Makai in my arms,” she said.


Although the house was left standing, it was flooded, and their clothes and Makai’s toys were gone.

After waiting an entire day to get on a cruise ship, Capron and Makai finally make it home to Florida.

In Palm Beach, helpers gave out fresh clothes, food and water. Lyft drivers offered transportation for free.

Capron said,

“The love we got when we got back to the U.S. was unbelievable.

I just want people to know that the Bahamas is a nation with loving people and a rich culture.

We will gladly accept any help that anybody can give, and are extremely grateful for everyone who has been so loving.”

Finally getting home with their own clothes, toys, clean water and food will help them recover from their ordeal, but the love and affection she and Makai were shown were exactly what they needed.

Bravo kiddos!