Look, it’s no secret that we’re all under a lot of stress right now. The next time you start to feel your anxiety levels creep up, we’ve got a temporary (but genius) solution: stop whatever you are doing and watch this video of adorable puppies exploring an aquarium.

I mean, just look at them:

The two scruffy puppies, named Odie and Carmel, are from the Atlanta Humane Society. They were able to take their almost-too-cute-for-words puppy field trip while the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta at a time when the venue was closed to the public.

Of course, they are young puppies, so some people noticed that their attention spans were pretty short:

And they seemed to be way more interested in what was in their handler’s pockets:

But even so, the cuteness factor caused some people to want the aquarium to reconsider its regular rules:

Of course, since the puppies got to explore the aquarium (and sniff what we can only imagine were some truly incredible smells), it was only fair that the shelter let a few kitties explore, too.

The resulting video did not disappoint:

The kitties, wearing matching red collars and tags, were much more interested in life at the aquarium, especially the jellyfish:

Alright, seriously… how completely adorable was all of that? Thank you so much, internet!

Have you ever taken your pet on a field trip? Let us know the quirkiest place you’ve taken them in the comments!