June, 2019, will mark the event of something never tried before in the history of bar service. Putting the rats in the bar–on purpose.

We have exactly one question.

Where does the line begin?

Photo Credit: Flickr

It is called Rat Bar and it is open for one wiggly weekend in June in San Francisco. “Journey into the dark place where live rats run free and the booze flows like water,” says San Francisco Dungeon hosts.

The ratty party starts Thursday, June 13, with the last night as Saturday, June 15, 2019. By then, the rats should be good and sauced.

The Rat Bar’s signature cocktail is named The Ama-RAT-O Sour, made with Amaretto and garnished with a rat’s tail (which is something entirely edible and not at all a part of a rat, I’m pretty sure).

Rat Bar at The San Francisco Dungeon

To start the party, a show takes imbibers through a rat-infested history of San Francisco. Afterwards, a half-hour is allotted for playing with the rat buddies.

The little scamps are provided by Ratical Rodent Rescue, an organization committed to the rescue, rehoming and rehabilitation of rats.

Patrons are then shown the cash bar and retail shop. If a rat particularly draws you with its twitchy nose and inquisitive eyes, then the rescue can arrange an adoption.

Rat Bar at The San Francisco Dungeon

All are welcome. Young rat lovers can enjoy rat-themed mocktails during the event.

The San Francisco Dungeon, located at Fisherman’s Wharf, is the ultimate live action journey through the city’s murky past where the audience is part of the show.

So, come on over, pet a rat, drink a drink and learn kooky details about the City by the Bay. Sounds like a furry good time!