I, for one, go ahead and assume that very few items in my hotel room are actually clean when I check in. The bedspread, carpets, drapes, etc are all most likely not cleaned on a regular basis and that’s just something we accept going in.

That said, I do tend to believe the sheets, pillowcases, and towels are probably fresh, don’t you?

Image Credit: YouTube

Well, regardless of how trusting you were before, this undercover investigation by Inside Edition might kick your paranoia into overdrive.

They went into nine different hotel chains with one question in mind: are your sheets really clean?

In order to find answers, the team used washable blacklight reactive spray paint and a stencil to mark the sheets. They staged the bed to look slept in, which should have indicated to housekeeping that the needed to be changed, and then the following day, another team member checked into the same room.

Image Credit: YouTube

In at least two of the hotels, none of the sheets were changed at all – the stencils were clearly visible.

In another – a AAA 1-Diamond rated hotel – only the pillow cases were changed.

Image Credit: YouTube

The results from the other 6 hotels were not shared, which probably means they passed. So maybe just steer clear of the Candlewood Suites, La Quinta, and Residence Inn Marriott options in the future?

It certainly doesn’t give me much confidence in any hotel chain, to be honest. If a stencil stays behind overnight, there’s honestly no telling what else might still be lurking between the sheets.


What are your plans for the future? Are you going to bring your own sheets? Watch them put fresh ones on yourself?

Trust your immune system?

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